Was Tanushree Dutta misguided by a legal eagle close to Nana Patekar?

A reliable source informs us that ten years ago, a lawyer had approached to help the actress but did nothing to help get her justice

By Mayur Lookhar

Tanushree Dutta, Nana Patekar

Recently, Tanushree Dutta’s lawyer Nitin Satpute had rubbished the rumours that his client’s case against fellow actor Nana Patekar was coming to a close. Satpute did underline the challenges faced by them with regards to a key witness’ reluctance to depose in the case. It’s been a challenge all the way for Dutta as it’s taken years for her grievance to be addressed.  In a shocking news though, we’ve learnt that ten years ago Dutta was allegedly misguided by legal eagle, who had earlier defended Nana Patekar in another case.

The alleged harassment by Patekar took place on the sets of the unreleased film Horn Ok Pleasss in 2008.  A reliable source informs, “Ten years ago, Tanushree was all alone in her fight.  She is an innocent girl who just didn’t know how to go about her case, “ the source says, “ It you recall producer Sami Siddiqui and director Rakesh Sarang had filed a complaint against Dutta seeking damages as their film had come to halt.   A month after that Dutta was approached by a lawyer who wowed to fight her case. However, he only misguided her as Tanushrees matter never came to the court because the police failed to act.”

What’s shocking though is the lawyer, as claimed by the source, has earlier defended Nana Patekar in a different case. “This lawyer had earlier defended Nana Patekar in a road rage case in 2005.  I think he approached Tanushree a month after Horn Ok Pleassss producer Sami Siddiqui and Rakesh Sarang had sought damages from Dutta, “ the source adds, “ In stead of helping her out, he only kept delaying things.  The matter was then brought up with CINTAA [Cine and TV Artists’ Association who decided against any action.  The case was dismissed. Nothing happened with the complaint against Nana Patekar and so a frustrated Dutta had then left India.”

Ten years on, Dutta had never mentioned about this lawyer.  As the per the source, the lawyer claims to be a Bombay High Court judge but that is a lie.  For the record, the road rage case goes to back 2005 when Patekar was accused by the nephew of an industrialist of threatening to shoot him.  In 2007, a lower court had squashed the particualar case against Patekar.

Meanwhile, the veteran actor seems to be sidelined as he’s struggled to get work. Patekar was last year dropped from Housefull 4 (2019). He wasn’t the only high-profile exit from the film after director Sajid Khan was also dropped following multiples complaints of sexual harassment against him. Khan has been suspended for a year by the Indian Film and TV Directors’ Association. CINTAA is not carrying out any probe as the Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar case is being fought in the court.

Patekar had vowed to hold a press conference but it’s been over six months and the actor hasn’t spoken on the matter.

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