Ayushmann Khurrana has filed in his affidavit that he liked my story, says Kamal Kant Chandra

The aggrieved writer also claims that Khurrana and producers of Bala have lied to court about their film being in scripting stage and yet they have started filming Bala

By Mayur Lookhar

Ayushmann Khurrana

After Badhaai Ho (2018), yet another Ayushmann Khurrana film is embroiled in a controversy. This time though, it’s the actor who stands as prime accused. Writer, assistant director Kamal Kant Chandra has accused Khurrana, Bala director Amar Kaushik, producer Dinesh Vijan of stealing his script. Titled as Wig, Kant had registered his story in 2014. Both Bala and Wig are based on the life of a man and how he deals with his balding.

Chandra had moved Bombay Hight in March when he read about Khurrana starring in a film titled Bala, that’s also about a balding man.  Speaking to BeyondBollywood, Chandra claimed that he sent his story Wig to Khurrana on Whats App in September 2017.

Chandra sent us a copy of his registered script, that he holds copyrights to from 2014. “It’s possible for two writers to be scripting two different stories, that are based on a common idea. But can it be a coincidence that both stories have Ayushmann Khurrana as the hero?,” questioned Chandra.

Copy of copyright for Wig

According to the writer, he had met Khurrana in August 2017, during a promotion event of Khurana’s film Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017).  “I had met him in August and requested him to listen to my story. It was in September, that I sent him my story on Whats App. He had acknowledged it and said that he liked the idea. Later he had asked me to meet him at Yash Raj Studios. I went there but he never turned up. I wasn’t allowed inside and so I had given further notes to the YRF security. There was no communication from him thereafter.”

Chandra thought that the actor perhaps was not interested in his film but early this year he was shocked when he read about Khurrana working on a similar subject titled as Bala.  The film’s first graphical poster also showed the image of a balding man.

In March 2019, Chandra had moved the Bombay High Court. According to Chandra the team of Bala had lied in the court that their film was at a scripting stage, and yet they started filming it. “There was no stay order on the filming, but that’s due to them lying that their film is at a scripting stage. The High Court had told them if they begin shoot, and tomorrow if there is a stay order on the film, they won’t be able to claim damages.”

Ayushmann Khurrana’s legal team has so far denied the allegation and refused to comment much as the matter is sub judice

– ‘What has been communicated to you is a malafide distortion of actual facts especially with regard to the proceedings of 09th April 2019. In fact, Mr. Chandra also moved the Bombay High court in vacation (May 29) in this regard and was not granted any relief. In any event as the matter is sub-judice and since the next date of hearing is June 10, 2019 we are not commenting any further. In any event our script is original and we will show that to the court when the matter comes up,” Khurrana’s legal team said in a statement.

The matter will come up for hearing on 10 June. The writer claimed that it was Khurrana who took one writer Paval Bhattacharya to Maddock Film. Screenwriter Niren Bhatt is credited as the writer for Bala. As claimed by Chandra, Bala was registered in 2018.

In a big claim though, Chandra said that Khurrana has admitted in his affidavit to having received the story of Wig. “In his affidavit, Ayushmann had agreed to liking my story and we were supposed to me but due to certain reasons, that meet didn’t happen.  I don’t want any compensation. This is my life story and I feel it’s my right alone to make it.” said Chandra

Bala is due to be released in November, 2019.

In 2017, actor Tiger Shroff was accused of cheating by writer Kamal Kumar Pandey of stealing his script that was released as Munna Michael (2017).


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