Bala plagiarism row: Our writer registered his script a year before this guy [Kamal Kant Chandra], says Dinesh Vijan

The Bala (2019) producer says that they had acquired the story from a Bengali writer which was then worked upon by Niren Bhatt

By Mayur Lookhar

Writer, assistant director Kamal Kant Chandra has filed a complaint of cheating against actor Ayushmann Khurrana, Bala (2019) producer Dinesh Vijan and director Amar Kaushik. Chandra had accused Khurrana of stealing the story of his registered script Wig. The matter is sub judice. BeyondBollywood recently caught up with Bala producer Dinesh Vijan, who claimed that their writer had registered his story a year before Chandra.

“I have never copied anything in my life”, Vijan said emphatically
Vijan reminded that multiple films on a common theme have been made before. Says Vijan, “The fact is no theme can be copied. [Recently] There have been three films made on bald people. Our film was written by this Bengali writer and is registered a year before this guy [Kamal Kant Chandra], which are the facts of the case. “

“Look, we don’t want to malign any one. The fact is today is not the time when you steal content. It is not possible. There is a strong legal system. There is a strong writer’s association. And eventually, the truth always comes out,” Vijan said confidently.

While Vijan didn’t name his Bengali writer, Kamal Kant Chandra had claimed that the writer in question is Pavel Bhattacharya. Niren Bhatt has fleshed out the acquired story from the Bengali writer.

While multiple films can be made on one theme, but Chandra had earlier raised the point that the same actor starring in both films can’t be coincidental. Citing that the case is sub-judice, Vijan refused to refused to comment on the finer details of his case.

“An actor gets [offered] so many films. Whatever the person’s case is, these are his facts. I am not allowed to disclose my facts because I am going to respect our legal system. But the fact is that we are not someone who have made one film. We made 15 films and never ever copied from anyone. We’ve not even done a remake.,” Vijan reiterated.

A source close to Maddock Films told us that the concerned writer spoke to Khurrana but never to anyone at Maddock Films. Like Vijan, the source, too, stressed that Maddock had acquired the story from Bengali writer.

Meanwhile, Vijan briefly spoke about Bala, how his film is not restricted to a bald man’s story.

“Bald is not just a film about a bald guy or a dark girl. It also deals with the fact that in India we are a little [pauses] we don’t have respect for other people’s weaknesses. People then tend to have an inferiority complex. What we don’t realise is that until we love ourselves. Nobody’s love can make it ok. So, Bala is that. There is a much deeper layer to it,”

We spoke to Kamal Kant Chandra again, who stuck to his guns that Bala is a copied from his story. “My script too has a female character who too had to faced criticism over the colour of her skin. From what I’ve learnt, these guys have just twisted few things here and there, but essentially their story is the same as mine. Their story has quite a few elements similar to the notes that I had left at the security gate of Yash Raj Films,” claimed Chandra.

While Vijan claimed that their story is registered a year before Wig, Chandra was of the view that in the court, Maddock filed that their script was registered in 2018. As Chandra shared with us earlier, Wig was registered in 2014.

Meanwhile, Chandra also claimed that he got an internet call from an unknown number wherein an individual asked him to go for an out of court settlement.

“I got an internet call from an unknown number. He didn’t disclose his name, but told me that he would get a good settlement done with the producer. I refused his offer and disconnected the call”, said Chandra.

On 1 June, Chandra filed a criminal complaint under Section 420 (cheating) and 406 (breach of trust) against the actor and the makers at the Kashimira police station in Mira Road

Bala has already gone on floors with the film slated to be released in November, 2019. Apart from Khurrana, the film also stars Yami Gautam and Bhumi Pednekar.

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