Lootcase trailer: Kunal Kemmu, Vjay Raaz film promises to be a rib-tickler

Screenwriter Kapil Sawant and director Rajesh Krishnan’s sitcom hinge on a stroke of destiny and the  subsequent comedy of errors

By Mayur Lookhar

Kunal Kemmu in Lootcase (2019)

The miserable lives that we live in, all that we want is one big break. Nah! F**k. that. All that the poor and the ‘les miserables’ want is a quick buck.  Screenwriter Kapil Sawant and director Rajesh Krishnan’s Lootcase hinges on a stroke of destiny and the comedy of errors.

Nandan [Kemmu], a struggling lower middle-class man from Mumbai stumbles upon a bag full of Rs2000 notes but it’s never easy to spend such money.  This bag though hasn’t fallen from any sky. The black money is traced to a corrupt politician [played by Gajraj Rao] and a weird don [played by Vijay Raaz]. The politician and the don wouldn’t rest until they get the bag. But who does it really belong to? Well, one will have to wait to find out.

Produced by Fox Star Studios and Soda Films, Lootacase promises to be a rib tickler sitcom. What gets us so exciting is the hilarious trailer. Nandan embodies the loser ‘aam aadmi’ (common man) who simply hopes for a change in fortunes.

Vijay Raaz has featured in a similar sitcom before in Delhi Belly (2011) . There is a vast difference though between his character in the Aamir Khan-production and Lootcase.  His love for infotainment channel National Geographic Channel makes this character stand out from all the rest.  

[National Geographic Channel is a property of The Walt Disney Company and the National Geographic Society.   Earlier, it was owned by Star group that was then acquired by Disney]  NGC’’s presence in Lootcase appears a seamless integration.

There’s no novelty attached to the story but what’s promising about the film is its likable, quirky rooted characters, humour borne out of the slice-of-life miseries.  The trailer is laced with witty one-liners, all stemming from the various situation that the key characters find themselves in.

Kunal Kemmu, Vijay Raaz, Ranvir Shorey (the able cop), Gajraj Rao all seem perfect fit for their characters. The casting team also deserves credit for picking the under rated Rasika Duggal opposite Kemmu.   Duggal showed in the TV series Mirzapur (2018) that she is game for any role.

As an actor, Kunal Kemmu has always showed immense potential but he’s often let down by the choice of his scripts.  May be, he’s never had too many choices.   Kemmu would be pinning his hopes on Lootcase to usher in a turnaround

The trailer is pacey, quirky, throwing up one punches after another.  Krishnan’s Lootcase promises to be a rib tickler.

Watch the fun-filled trailer below.

Lootcase is set to be released on 11 October.

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