‘Doggy’ single review: Ishaan Khan, Avika Gor’s single is likable just like its beagle

Definitely not one for the connoisseur, but digital label Blive’s new single is joyful and appeals to the target audience

By Mayur Lookhar

Ishaan Khan and Avika Gor in Doggy single

There’s an overdose of Punjabi music in films and the private music space.  The connoisseur of Punjabi, Sufi music would abhor the average pop songs that usually speak of girls, party, alcohol. What is undeniable though is Punjabi pop has its strong following, especially among the youth in the Punjabi and Hindi speaking belt.

You Tube music channel BLive Music launched a new Punjabi single by unheralded young singer Ishaan Khan featuring Balika Vadhu (2008) actress Avika Gor.  A song titled Doggy is enough to build an intrigue around the single.

Penned by Kunwar Juneja, the song isn’t filled with any great lyrics, but the hook line ‘tere toh changa tera doggy, joh mainu bada pyaar karda’, [your dog is better than you, for he truly loves me].

Don’t go reading too much into the lyrics, but It’s the peppy music by Anjjan Bhattacharya that attracts you to the single.  That’s the effect of Punjabi music. The lyrics may not always be fun, but the melody is enticing. The strong Punjabi folk music flavour is enjoyable.

Ishaan Khan is no Punjabi. He’s born and raised in Madhya Pradesh. The young man has learnt Punjabi by merely listening to Punjabi music all these years. For a non-Punjabi, Khan has does sing Punjabi songs nicely.   Such songs are never a true reflection of one’s prowess, but the singer does have a good voice quality.

The music is the USP of the song, and as for the visuals, it is the cute pooch – a beagle that is the USP of the video.  One visual of the beagle is enough to melt dog lovers’ hearts.

What’s little disappointing is the lack of decent choreography.  Indian singers are not used to facing camera, and so Khan has a long way before he can become a singing star.  Gor’s only job in the video is to flaunt a girl’s attitude. The former child artiste features in her maiden single.   She sure has grown into a fine looking lady.  Perhaps, she could have put in a more convincing act in the video.

All that the team had was just two days and in such limited period, it would be unfair to expect Khan and Gor to work miracles in choreography.

The song is to welcome Gor’s foray into entertainment as an adult. Bhattacharya’s peppy score, Khan’s fine singing. Lift the track. Last but not the least, take a bow to the beagle.

Watch the music video below.

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