Luv U Turn trailer: One-night stand comes back to haunt Purva Rana in debut film

The model-turned-actress offers a slight ray of hope in an otherwise, cliched love triangle

By Mayur Lookhar

Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Purva Rana, Adhvik Mahajan in Luv U Turn (2019)

There’s nothing more complex than human relationships.   We meet many people in life. Even though brief, some people can leave a lasting impressions.   One never predicts though when you can bump into an old mate again. Things can get messier if you reunite with someone with whom you had a one night stand.

Ishika (Purva Rana) seems happy in her current relationship with Sahej  (Adhvik Mahajan) but her past has resurfaced again in the form of Ronit (Ruslaan Mumtaz).  Eshika and Ronit once had a one-night stand.  Cracks emerge in the Ishika- Sahej relationship, and the woman is caught in dilemma.  Should she accept her present or return to her past?  Despite the fissures in their relationship, Sahej leaves it upon Purva to decide what her hear truly seeks.   That’s the story of director Harish Raut’s Luv U Turn, a befitting titled for the story at hand.

Ronit appears to be in relationship with Shruti (Ruhi Chaturvedi) but this relationship, too, seems to be going through troubled waters. 

Conventional romance drama is hard to smell. So, filmmakers tend to tap into the complex side to human relationships.  Does that have an audience? Well, often to sell such love triangle, filmmakers tend to throw up sex. The trailer of director Harish Raut’s film does throw up few bold scenes.  At least, that should be enough to draw the voyeurs.   

Based on the trailer, there is nothing really fresh about the script. What doesn’t augur well for the film is the unimpressive cast. Adhvik, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Ruhi Chaturvedi don’t inspire much confidence leaving you largely disappointed with the trailer.  Model-turned-actor Purva Rana makes her debut.  She is the only one who seems to show a semblance of intensity in the trailer.  The girl has fine screen presence.   The exotic locales always give you travel goals.   

The trailer doesn’t really excite much but never judge a book by its cover.  The film might throw up certain surprises.

Watch the trailer of Luv U Turn below.

The film is set to be released on 22 November. Anees Bazmee’s Pagalpanti, too, is due to be released on the same day.

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