Why Karan Johar never gets to hear any good news from Akshay Kumar

A super star charging less fee that would be the kind of good news which Johar would like to hear but Kumar hasn’t granted him one yet

By Mayur Lookhar

A Bollywood press conference tends to throw all kind of queries. Often, a film’s quirky theme or title would see some celebs being asked personal questions around it.  Producer Karan johar and his leading cast of Good Newwz [2019] found themselves answering a few weird questions at the trailer launch.

In the Indian context, often a good news is associated with the birth of a child.  The Dharma Productions films is based around two pregnancies.  The team was asked other than the birth of a child, what constitutes as good news for them.

Producer Karan Johar wasn’t enamoured by the thought of good news. In fact,  he confessed that he simply think this whole good news thing is ridiculous.  However, for a producer it’s always one thing that he desires the most.

“For me a good news would doing a film with the star not being so pricey.  [unfortunately], Akshay Kumar has never given me that good news,” Johar said cheekily.

Akshay Kumar ignored Karan’s concern but showed his positive attitude again when he said, “For me, it doesn’t matter. I am one of those who would look for the good even in a bad news.”

Kareena Kapoor didn’t really offer anything here but Kiara Advani didn’t hesitate in saying, “At the moment, getting a good film. That is good news for me.”

Directed by Raj Mehta, Good Newwz is based on the confusion and chaos that follows in two couples lives due to an IVF [In Vitro Fertilisation] mix-up.

Good Newwz is set to be released on 27 December.

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