Tarek Fatah slams Kareena Kapoor Khan for naming her son Taimur

The Pakistan-born Canadian writer, commentator is bewildered as to why would the Indian celebrity couple name their child after a 14 century Turco-Mongol invader

By Mayur Lookhar

Tarek Fatah (top), Kareena Kapoor Khan with her son Taimur (bottom)

The controversy over Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor naming their child Taimur has been reignited by Pakistan-born Canadian writer, journalist, and commentator Tarek Fatah.  Fatah, who is a strong critic of Pakistan, Islamic terrorism,  has expressed surprise over Kareena, Saif, and Sharmila Tagore [Saif’s mother] for naming their little one after the 14 century Turco-Mongol invader Timur [pronounced as Taimur]

“Taimur is the man who reduced the world’s population by three per cent by carrying out genocides. In India, he erected pyramids of skulls at every milestone. I do not know what Sharmila Tagore must be thinking. Her son has named his son Taimur. Can you imagine people naming their children as Hitler in Israel?,” Fatah said during his interview on the TV show Aap Ki Adalat on India TV.

Little Taimur Ali Khan (2) has hogged limelight from the moment he was named after the 14 century invader.  Saif and Kareena had copped much criticism on social media for the same. The couple has largely kept quiet and earlier reminded people that it any parent’s right to name their child.

Little Taimur is hugely popular on social media with the paparazzi never missing an opportunity to click the cute child.

All along, it’s generally been trolls who’ve mocked the celebrity couple over Taimur’s name, but with Fatah now voicing his strong opinion, we wonder whether the celebrity couple would like to respond to Fatah.

Fatah has gained popularity in India for his forthright views.  Though born in Pakistan, Fatah has been a strong critic of Pakistan’s army, Inter Service Intelligence and their meek government for their anti-India polices, human rights violations and spreading terror.

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