Chhapaak title song: Gulzar’s caustic lyrics underline the ‘identity’ crisis for Deepika Padukone’s Malti

The sentimental song resonates with every acid attack victim, Arijit Singh’s sombre tone emotes the pain and agony of Malti

By Mayur Lookhar

Deepika Padukone in a still from Chhapaak [2020]

Geez, it melts your heart, but most of us are at loss of words when we try to express solidarity with acid attack victims. If we struggle for words, then it’s a delicate task to pen a song that reflects the mind, soul of an acid attack victim.

Well, there is only man who can bring out that emotion – Gulzar. The veteran poet, lyric writer has penned an insightful track that will resonate with every acid attack victim across the globe. An acid attack just doesn’t leave a woman scalded for life, but it wipes her identity in a second. Gulzar’s song underlines the crisis of identity for victims like Malti [Deepika Padukone]. A splash (chhapaak) of a vile substance changes one’s identity forever.

In a fit of rage, the heartless evil offenders turn the lives of their victims into hell. We live in a world where one is often judged by their looks. While many express sympathy with acid attack victims, but few have the courage to strike an eye-to-eye conversation with them. The title song is played in the aftermath of the attack with Malti struggling not just with the physical pain, but also with the loss of her identity, and how the so-called civil society has closed its eyes to the many Maltis of the world.

Surprisingly, the sentimental track is sung by a man. But it’s hard to look beyond an Arijit Singh to emote the agony, pain of Malti. Singh’s sombre tone emotes the pain, agony of Malti.

A grim track that plays out to an equally grim yet intense music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

The Chhapaak title track is Gulzar, Singh, and the composers’s sensitive ode to Malti and all acid attack victims.

Watch the Chhapaak title track below.

Directed by Meghna Gulzar, Chhapaak is set to be released on 10 January.

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