Woman, Mukund Ghadigaonkar booked for threatening Tanushree Dutta’s lawyer Nitin Satpute

The woman had accused Satpute of molestation. Claiming innocence, the latter has accused Manisha Naik of filing false case to settle personal score.

By Mayur Lookhar

Advocate Nitin Satpute

A few days ago, one was stunned to read of Tanushree Dutta’s lawyer Nitin Satpute being accused by a woman lawyer of molestation.  According to Satpute, Manisha Naik had filed a false complaint against him.  Naik and one alleged gangster Mukund Ghadigaonkar have been arrested by Mahim Police on 4 January for allegedly threatening Satpute, as claimed by Satpute.

Speaking to BeyondBollywood, Satpute claimed that Naik had filed a false case against him.  “This woman lawyer stays in my society. She has been troubling me from the time that I took up Tanushree Dutta’s case. I believe Tanushree’s opponents may be behind all this,” Satpute told BeyondBollywood.

Satpute is the legal representative of actress Tanushree Dutta who has accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment while filming for the unreleased film Horn Ok Pleassss ten years ago.

Efforts to get to a word from Mahim police station didn’t yield any response but Satpute shared a copy of the First Information Report which he filed against Manisha Naik, her husband Rajesh and Mukund Ghadigaonkar on 25 December, 2019.  Satpute alleged that to counter this, Naik filed a false complaint against him at Kherwadi police station in Bandra (East).

Copy of FIR against Manisha and Rajesh Naik, and Mukund Ghadigaonkar

“She claimed that I whispered ‘I will fuck you’ in her ear.  Why will I say such a thing in a government [Maharashtra State Commission for women] office?  There are cameras fitted in government offices. If I did such a thing then wouldn’t it have been captured on camera?” questioned Satpute.

“She claimed that this incident happened at around 2.30 pm on 29 December in the Women Commission office.   But she didn’t speak about it on that day and only filed an FIR against me on 2 January, 2020,” says Satpute.

He continues, “Now at the said time, neither she or I were present in that office. At the particular time, I was at Mahim police station to file certain documents pertaining to the case I had filed against her. She, too, was present there [Mahim police station] in another room. I think she left around 2.20 pm.  I, too, was about to leave when ACP Ajinath Satpute asked me to wait.  I left at 2.30 pm. It takes a minimum of ten minutes to reach Bandra from Mahim. I reached the women commission office at around 3.40 pm. But Naik wasn’t present there.   I was told that she hasn’t come as yet.”

[Note: Ajinath Satpute is not related to Nitin Satpute]

According to Nitin Satpute, Naik stays in his society. They had cordial relations until the woman allegedly took objection to Satpute placing safety camera above his door. Both Satpute and Naik stay in Om Shri Siddhivinayak Society in Mahim. 

“She took offence to me placing a safety camera above my door.  The society has passed a rule for not parking four wheelers.  Despite this she has parked two vehicles so that I cannot park my vehicle.  Her husband Rajesh is part of the managing committee.  I have placed a camera above my door, one on a window and one facing my parking, so why should that bother you. It is not covering anyone’s house.  I have a ground floor residence. There’s only a lift facing my door.  On 20 August, 2019, Naik and Ghadigaonkar had threatened to kill me,” alleged Satpute.

Keep watching this space for more on the matter.

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