Love Aaj Kal trailer: Is Imtiaz Ali encouraging stalking? Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aryan look great as a reel pair

A school girl, probably Arushi Sharma, asking Aaryan, “Did I tell you don’t follow me?” doesn’t quite send the right message

By Mayur Lookhar

Arushi Sharma and Kartik Aaryan in Love Aaj Kal [2020]

Director Imtiaz Ali is back with another love story. Not a sequel, but the second film in his Love Aaj Kal franchise. The Valentine’s Day release stars Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan and Arushi Sharma. Khan’s father Saif had starred in the first film that came in 2009.

Much like the first film, this one too is based on individuals who are confused about love and whether they are made for each other. Tina [Arushi Sharma] and Veer [Aaryan] met in school in 1990. Back then, the girl liked the attention but the boy perhaps wasn’t sure about his feelings . 30 years later, Veer expresses his love for Tina but then comes Zoe in his life. Veer can’t stop his feelings for Zoe. The woman perhaps has a physical attraction to Veer, but Zoe prioritizes her career over love.

What’s disturbing is how in their school days, presumably Tina craved for Veer’s attention to an extent that she wants him to follow her. The boy is repentant and doesn’t want to follow the girl anymore, but Tina shocks when she aks him, “Did I tell you don’t follow me?”

India continues to be plagued by sexual crimes, and sadly, this dialogue is shocking. 30 years ago, perhaps that can be put to down to Tina’s immaturity. Tina has now matured but sorry Mr Ali, but given how gullible our audiences can be, especially impressionable young minds, Tina’s dialogue as a school girl appears to encourage stalking.

Zoe though has no such confusion when she categorically tells Veer, “You are now beginning to trouble me”. It appears that Zoe is happy to have a mere sexual relationship with Veer, but the man is willing to break ties with Tina as he only seeks Zoe’s love. Khan and Aaryan look great as a reel pair.

On the face of it, there is not much difference between Love Aaj Kal [2009] and Love Aaj Kal [2020]. Ali has long been struggling, and his subsequent films post Love Aaj Kal [2009] have all bordered on confused souls. Save for the new faces, there is nothing refreshing or exciting about Love Aaj Kal [2020] trailer. Just another case of old wine in a new bottle. Besides, 30 years is a long time. But to our eyes, Aaryan and Sharma look the same as they did 30 years ago. You can fit adults into uniforms but you can’t make them look like 15-16 year old school kids. Poor Ranveer Hooda has a blink and miss footage in the trailer. What’s likable though is Aaryan’s strong message to the moral police.

There is nothing refreshing about Love Aaj Kal [2020] but perhaps the popularity of Khan and Aaryan might end Ali’s poor run.

Co-produced by Maddock Films, Window Seat Films, Jio Studios, Reliance Entertainment, and and distributed by Pen India Ltd, Love Aaj Kal [2020] is set to be released on 14 February. Watch the trailer below.

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