Haunted Hills trailer: Zuber K Khan’s Haunted Hills faces an uphill task

Devoid of starry names, but Khan’s campy horror drama might appeal the target audience

By Mayur Lookhar

Haunted Hills [2020]

Yours truly is a firm believer of every film having some audience. There was a time when B-grade campy drama were a hit with the low income group audience. Often these films played in dingy theaters. With the rise of multiplexes, their [dingy theaters] numbers has dwindled significantly. Producers RSBS though would hope they find their limited audience for the upcoming horror flick Haunted Hills [2020] that is written and directed by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput.

The title is intriguing and truth be told, the plot has an odd intriguing element too. An unfortunate tragedy in a hill resort villa results in the death of (presumably) Zuber K Khan’s wife. Before her death, the wife leaves behind an incomplete painting, with the woman’s soul trapped in it. We presume Zuber to be playing the character of Rohit. The tacky trailer doesn’t really give much information about the principal characters. Gavie Chahal is recognizable as the cop . We are unfamiliar with names like Diana Khan, Mansi Gupta, Krishna Chaturvedi and so we don’t know their characters. Diana, Mansi and Krishna though all appear to be part of a group of friends that have come to spend their holidays in the haunted villa. One of the girls Siya is possessed by the evil spirit.

It’s hard to be critical but based on the tacky trailer, Haunted Hills strikes us as a modern campy horror drama. We genuinely hope it finds its audience.

Watch the trailer below.

Haunted Hills is set to be released on 28 February.

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