Prernaa Arora: Whenever Sushant spoke of his mother it felt as if she was around him

The producer pays rich tribute to the Kedarnath [2018] actor, admits that outsiders are treated like outcast in Bollywood

By Mayur Lookhar

Prernaa Arora with Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput’s (34) death has left all stunned.  Producer Prernaa Arora was earlier associated with Kedarnath [2018] before opting out and selling the film to RSVP.  Arora though had spent near three years in the film’s production. During this period she formed a cordial bond with her actors – Rajput and debutante Sara Ali Khan.

Like all, Arora is at loss for words to comment on the tragedy.

“I am extremely shocked and upset, (pauses). Well these words don’t express the tragedy that has hit us.  Losing such a great actor, a great person. I had a (professional) relation with him in a journey of a good two and half years,” Arora told BeyondBollywood.

Arora wasn’t aware of the actor’s personal tough phase, but she recalled how Rajput passionately spoke of his late mother.

“As an outsider, I can relate to his pain. I’ve battled depression myself, I just wish he could have fought it out for his mom whom he loved the most. He’d often mention about his mother. The way he spoke about his mother, it felt as if she was around him. I didn’t know that he had lost his mother at a young age,” said Arora.

The Pad Man [2018] producer hailed Rajput as methodical actor one who got totally engrossed into his work.  The producer herself has gone through a tough phase both professionally and personally.  Arora didn’t hesitate in saying that she used to harbor suicidal thoughts.  Importantly, like some are saying now, Arora, too, felt that the outsiders are treated like outcast.

“I’ve never spoken about nepotism, feminism, but it is clear that if is not easy for outsiders.  They get pushed and are treated as an outcast,” Arora says, “If you look at the industry, including technicians, most are insiders. There are only a handful of outsiders here. It is not easy for them to get their place. Even when they earn their place, they are side-lined, –  at awards do,” the Toilet – Ek Prem Katha [2017] producer explained.

Arora reckoned that perhaps Rajput was disturbed at not getting his due.

“I don’t know what had happened with Sushant. I wish could speak to him and make him understand that he was an inspiration. Live for you family, nothing else is worth it. What I learnt is that often you are alone in battling failure. You have to be strong,” quipped Arora.

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