Budding musician Rahul Raj Singh hoping for a revolution through a ‘purge’

The Gurugram-based corporate executive, musician is all set to launch his maiden track The Purge

By Mayur Lookhar

Rahul Raj Singh

Amidst the havoc that Covid-19 has created globally, the world drew hope seeing, listening to Italians singing collectively from their balconies. Italy is one of the many countries to be severely afflicted by the global pandemic. But the sight of singing civilians gave a firm message to the world that we are in it together, and humanity will rise from the dark times again.

Far away in Gurugram, India, Rahul Raj Singh (40), an engineering graduate, corporate executive, has found his voice in this pandemic period.  It’s not just Covid-19, but the grisly murder of African American George Floyd by a loose cannon cop that also shook up Singh. The two dark episodes has led to Singh creating his maiden track The Purge. The artiste has collaborated with new age music label GrooveNexus for the music video.

Mention the very word purge, and it generally has a negative connotation to it. What is it then that Singh is aspiring to do with The Purge?

“The song reflects the things that are taking place now (pandemic, George Floyd murder). If you look at the lyrics, what the song says is that from the purge shall emerge a leader to take us along forward.  The title is less of purge but what we are saying is that after this purge, a new way of life will emerge out of it,” Singh told BeyondBollywood.

A lover of rock music, The Purge is an English hard rock track.  Two months on since he had penned the track, Singh is yet to see a face that will lead us into the future. However, for now the 40-year-old is hoping that his maiden track appeals to not just rock lovers but also other listeners. It’s not just The Purge but Singh is also gearing to launch a few Sufi rock songs in future. We will know more about them in due course of time.

Born in an army family, Singh did his engineering from Delhi college of engineering and then completed his MBA from MDI Gurgaon. Rock is dear to Singh and like many 90s youth, he admires the work of the Sufi rock band Junoon, and legendary Western bands like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana.  He performed in his college festivals. Singh later took a corporate job at an American Consulting firm. It is never too late to follow your passion. As he says, “All social obligations taken care of. Now time to live’.

We hope Singh just doesn’t live but he rocks us all with his brand of music.  The Purge is set to be released on YouTube on 3 July, 2020.

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