Dil Bechara title track: Sushant Singh Rajput dazzles in his last dance performance

While A.R. Rahman is not very clear in his tone, but he produces a delightful soft pop track, Choreographer Farah Khan says that Rajput got the opening moves in the first take itself.

By Mayur Lookhar

Sushant Singh Rajput in Dil Bechara title track

It wasn’t meant to be his last, but the tragedy of life is such that the word last will be attached to many aspects to Dil Bechara [2020]. Late Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film Dil Bechara is set to be released on 24 July on Disney Hotstar. A day before launching the title track, the film’s marketing team promoted it as Rajput’s last performed song.

Dil Bechara title track finally released today [10 July] and Rajput has left all stunned with a dazzling dance performance. We come to the music later. Here is a guy who started his career as a dancer before switching to acting. Remarkably, all through these years, we’ve seldom seen Rajput the fabulous dancer in his films. Sadly, his last dance performance has also turned out to be the best of his career. Choreographed by Farah Khan, the title track sees Manny [Rajput] performing in front of an audience.

The opening sassy dance moves, pulled off nicely, cheer you instantly. The track is all about Manny charming the audience. The rhythm of the track mellows down after the opening tunes thereby turning it into an easy pace, slow-burn but joyful track. The choreography, too, has gentle but graceful dance moves as Manny goes around picking on members from audiences and charming them. Kizie Basu [Sanjana Sanghi] is stunned that Manny picks him. The girl finds herself being moved around gently by Manny. Rajput’s simple yet graceful dance moves floor the audience both in the frame and the millions watching the video on YouTube.

Khan tweeted how Rajput nailed the opening act in the first take.

“This song is special!1sttime @itsSSR n i worked 2gether.he nailed the 1shot song perfectly n only reward he wanted was food frm my home..in hindsight I shld hav fed u a little more, hugged u a lot more.thank u @CastingChhabra 4 including me inur journey.. https://bit.ly/DilBecharaTitleTrack,” tweeted Khan.

Internationally acclaimed composer A.R. Rahman has been off colour for a few years now. The lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya are a little tacky and Rahman’s not clear in his singing which makes it difficult to gauge the words. In all fairness, the singing is a bit of a letdown here.

However, Rahman gets full marks for scoring a delightful soft, groovy melody. The opening tunes are a like ticking clock with Rahman’s doing well with the intro. The singing drops from antara but the music grips your imagination throughout the duration. of the song. The song gives a feeling of an unplugged performance with just a guitar, and the odd mellow tunes.

The music and Rajput’s dance is the highlight of the Dil Bechara track. Watch the enjoyable track below.

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