Good Samaritan Sonu Sood to pen a book on his recent charitable deeds

The actor has decided to narrate his experience on helping the stranded migrant workers reach their homes during the ongoing pandemic period

By Our Correspondent

Source: Sonu Sood facebook

This year has been a tough ride with the novel coronavirus being declared as a global pandemic. While India continues to reel under the Covid-19 pandemic. the migrant workers of the country were among those hard hit. Initially abandoned by their employers and ignored by the government, it were good Samaritans like actor Sonu Sood who risked their lives to help thousands of migrants workers from Maharashtra and other parts of the country in reaching their home states. 

Sood has now decided to document this in his maiden  book which will be published by Penguin Random House. Penguin India took to twitter to announce the same. 

Commenting about the book, publisher of Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Milee Ashwarya said in a statement, “While most of us in our lifetimes wish to work to help others in need, only a few actually make it our life’s mission. Sonu Sood is one such person. The book will bring together the story of this amazing journey.” 

On launching an initiative to help reunite the migrant workers stranded in Mumbai with their families in the remote corners of the nation, Sood told Livemint, “I want to thank God for making me a catalyst in helping the migrants. While my heart beats in Mumbai, after this movement I feel a part of me lives in the villages of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Uttarakhand and various other states where I have now found new friends and made deep connections. I have decided to put these experiences, stories that are embedded in my soul forever, in a book. I’m excited, nervous and overwhelmed, and I can’t wait to connect with you through my book. I look forward to your support—and love you all.”

With this book, Sonu Sood hopes to bring together the story of his journey, and of those who were suddenly left without a livelihood. He wishes to incorporate words of hope and oneness that binds humanity together. “I am grateful that Sonu is sharing these stories in a book, and I am proud to publish it”, added Ashwarya.

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