As disturbing theories float around Disha Salian’s death, Mumbai police issue note urging any informer to reach out to them

Some TV channels ran speculative reports that Salian was perhaps raped and murdered

By Our Correspondent

Disha Salian

Disha Salian was almost forgotten. It wasn’t until the Bihar police sought to look into her case and the alleged attempts at thwarting by Mumbai police, that the death of Sushant Singh Rajput ‘s former manager has come back into focus. Salian had reportedly died by falling off the sky rise apartment of her boyfriend Rohan Rai on the night of 8 June. Six days later, Rajput was found dead in his Mumbai apartment.

In the last 24 hours, some news channels have whipped up sensational conspiracy theories linking a politician’s son to the two deaths. Some are not hesitating in saying that perhaps Salian was raped and murdered. Amidst the rising pressure, the Mumbai police has a issued a press note wherein it has urged any informer to come and report to Mumbai police any information /evidence pertaining to the Disha Salian case.

“In relation to the death of Disha Salian, the Malvani police has registered a case of unnatural death. Malvani police is investigating all angles of this death. In this regard, lot of news/info is being published on social media, newspapers and TV channels. In that regard if anyone has any info or evidence and wishes to share, can do so with the following officers,” the note stated.

Press Note by Mumbai police in Marathi

Among the contact person include the Commissioner of police, respective area DCP, ACP and senior police officer at Malvani Police Station.

On Sunday, 2 August, the Malvani police had copped criticism after it reportedly told members of Bihar police in Mumbai that the files pertaining to Disha Salian case were ‘inadvertently deleted’. Speaking to Beyond Bollywood, Sr.Inspector Jagdev Kalapad, though had denied such news..

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