Dino Morea denies hosting Sushant Singh Rajput at any party

The model-actor slams reports linking him to the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, urges concerned media to get their facts right

By Our Correspondent

Source: Dino Morea facebook

The mystery around the Sushant Singh Rajput death seems to have disappeared. Well at least for some new channels who are now openly suggesting that the late actor didn’t commit suicide, but was perhaps murdered. Apart from a politician’s son, one of the names that got linked to the case is that of forlorn model-actor Dino Morea.

According to a report in Times Now, on 13 June Rajput supposedly attended a party hosted by Dino Morea on 13 June and then later that party was shifted to Rajput’s residence. Among the guests rumoured to have attended this party is a politician or a politician’s son.

Slamming such report, Morea tweeted, “There was never any such gathering at my residence , pls get your facts right before making these allegations. DO NOT drag my name into this as I have no connection whatsoever with this.”

The Sushant Singh Rajput death case has only got murkier with former Shive Sena, Congress and now Bhartiya Janata Party member Narayan Rane claiming that Rajput was perhaps murdered.

“SushantSinghRajput did not commit suicide. He was murdered. Maharashtra government is trying to save someone. It is not paying attention to the case,” Rane told ANI.

According to a Times Now report, there is a (suspected) direct link between the deaths of Rajput’s former manager DIsha Salian and the actor. As per their report, there is a strong suspicion that Salian was perhaps raped and murdered.

Meanwhile, last night [4 August) Republic TV played a conversation between a close friend of Rajput [name hidden] in conversation with their associate editor wherein the late actor’s friend claimed that Rajput wanted to help Salian and he feared that his life would be in danger. Republic TV claimed that Rajput was contemplating on holding a press conference.

Once Rane made a strong claim, the actor’s death is now embroiled into a political slug-fest. The embattered Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress coalition government in Maharashtra has come under immense pressure as it faces allegation of trying to block the probe into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. While no one has named him directly, but chief minister Uddav Thackery’s son Aaditya finally opened up on the matter . Aaditya Thackeray had issued a statement last evening wherein he denied having any connection with Rajput’s death and termed these allegation as filthy politics by the opposition. Thackeray though did acknowledge that he had friends in Bollywood.

Rajput was found dead in his Bandra residence on 14 June. Six days earlier, Rajput’s former manager Disha Salian had died after falling off the high-rise apartment of her boyfriend. So far, Mumbai police is treating both cases as accidental death.

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