Report: Bihar government using Sushant Singh Rajput case for political gains, alleges Rhea Chakraborty

As claimed by Zee News, in her transfer plea to Supreme Court, the actor has accused the media of tarnishing her image, feels Bihar government only using Sushant Singh Rajput case for political agenda

:Source: Rhea Chakraborty Instagram

It’s the second time in less than four days that Rhea Chakraborty is being questioned extensively by the Enforcement Directorate in Mumbai. The Supreme Court will take a final call on her plea to transfer the FIR in Patna to Mumbai on 11 August. That will also be the day when the apex court passes an order on whether to transfer the case to Central Bureau of Investigation. The pressure is piling on Chakraborty and her family.

Meanwhile, a Hindi news channel [Zee News] has claimed that in her plea to the Supreme Court, the Jalebi [2018] actor has pinned the blame on media for tarnishing her image. That wasn’t all but Chakraborty has slammed the Bihar government, police who she feels are only using Sushant Singh Rajput’s case for political gains as state elections are around the corner. In her plea, Chakraborty has reportedly alleged that the Bihar police is acting on the pressure piled on by the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K.K. Singh had filed an FIR against Chakraborty and her family on 25 July in Rajeev Nagar Police Station, Patna. Singh has accused Rhea and her family of fraud, cheating and abetting his son’s suspected suicide. The Bihar police had swept into action after being convinced by the Bihar chief Minister Nitish Kumar and former Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha. The Enforcement Director in Mumbai has been questioning Chakraborty in suspected money laundering case.

Rajput was found dead on 14 June in his Mumbai apartment.

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