Kangana Ranaut responds to Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘half-educated starlet’ jibe

The Panga [2020] actress questions would Shah have said the same if she was Prakash Padukone or Anil Kapoor’s daughter

By Mayur Lookhar

Kangana Ranaut (L). Naseeruddin Shah (R)

All along it was largely an ‘insider’ v/s ‘outsider’ battle, but Kangana Ranaut finds herself in a war of words with a fellow ‘outsider’ Naseeruddin Shah. In an interview to India Today Television, the veteran actor appeared to be taking a subtle dig at Kangana Ranaut for perhaps exaggerating this ‘move mafia’ being being responsible for Rajput’s death.

“No one is interested in the opinions of some half-educated starlet who decides to take it upon herself to you know, get justice for Sushant. If there is justice that needs to be done, I think we need to have faith in the process of the law and if it is none of our business I think we should we should not concern ourselves with it.” Shah told India Today Television.

It was widely presumed that Shah was referring to Ranaut, who has been bashing the film industry for its alleged gangism/nepotism. Not afraid to call it a movie mafia, as coined by some noisy news anchors.

Unlike her usual aggressive self, Ranaut chose to give a diplomatic reply to Shah’s comment.

She wrote on Twitter, “Thank you Naseer ji, you weighed all my awards and achievements which non of my contemporaries have on the scale of nepotism, I am used to this but would you say this to me if I were Prakash Padukone/Anil Kapoor’s daughter ?”


Perhaps not wanting to escalate any war of words with the veteran, Ranaut was more respectful in her next tweet.

“Naseer ji is a great artist, itne mahan kalakar ki toh gaaliyaan bhi bhagwan ke parshad ki tareh hain, (He’s such a great artiste that his profanity too would taste like a prasad) I rather watch amazing conversation we had about cinema and our craft last year and you told me how much you appreciate me,” added Ranaut,


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