Kangana Ranaut shares her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ throwback picture

‘The actress shares a delight picture from her boarding school days posing with her friends. Simultaneously, in another tweet she talks about her Twitter account likely to be suspended at the behest of the movie mafia

By Anannya Srusti

File: Kangana Ranaut [C)

Amidst the storm that she usually creates with her tweets, Kangana Rananut also sometimes posts inspirational, cheerful content.  All along it used it used be Team Kangana Ranaut, but her Twitter account has seen the name changed to Kangana Ranaut while the handle still reads as @Kanganateam.  Ranaut turned nostalgic as she shared a delightful throwback picture from her boarding school days.  

The Panga [2020] actor revealed that the her oommates from her school days are still in touch with her and that she came to be known as her school’s pride post her debut film Gangster (2006). 

“How lovely!! Found this picture from 2003 my boarding school days, those were my room mates they are still my friends Ranita and Bondina, First room in block A2, we were called Charlie’s Angel’s and after Gangaster (Gangster) in 2006 our principal maam Dr Sachdeva crowned me pride of DAV,” tweeted Ranaut.

While this was something cheerful, but in another typical controversial tweet, the actor got brows raising when she claimed that that her Twitter handle might soon get suspended at the behest of the alleged movie mafias.

“My friends here may find my talks unidimensional, mostly directed at movie mafia, their antinational and Hinduphobic racket.I know my time is limited here, they can get my account suspended any minute, even though I have a lot to share but I must utilise this time to expose them”, read the tweet.

The firebrand actress has been extremely vocal about her opinions which have resulted in her engaging in a war of words with a few Bollywood celebrities. She has openly accused a few Bollywood bigwigs of forming a mafia in the industry and engaging in nepotism. Ranaut had recently slammed her nemesis Karan Johar again, calling upon the government to take back his Padma Shri award for trying show the Indian Air Force in poor light in his film Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl [[2020].

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