“This isn’t celebration for Sushant’s family, rather we all have to come together and fight for him,” says family friend Nilotpal Mrinal

While people have been rejoicing over the Supreme Court’s order for a CBI probe into the actor’s death case, but Mrinal reminds all that this is no victory, but the family’s battle for justice has just begun

By Mayur Lookhar & Anannya Srusti

Sushant Singh Rajput (l), Nilotpal Mrinal (R)

The Supreme Court on Wednesday (19 August, 2020) passed the order for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. While the decision has been welcomed by the netizens as well as several Bollywood celebrities, we spoke to Nilotpal Mrinal, a family friend of the Rajputs, who reminded that while the CBI probe is welcome but this is no victory for the family who are simply seeking justice for Rajput.

Commenting on Supreme Court’s order to transfer the case to CBI, Mrinal told Beyond Bollywood, “It is the job of the judiciary to ensure that justice prevails. This decision should have been passed a long time ago. While everybody is asking for a reaction to the verdict, I would like to say that the judiciary is supposed to bring justice but this isn’t exactly a moment of happiness. Even justice cannot bring back the dead,”

Mrinal believes that this is just the beginning of a long road towards justice.

“While the channels are frequently calling us [for reaction] and the people are debating, this isn’t celebration for Sushant’s family, rather we all have to come together and fight for him. The family has been fighting for a long time now. This is a very emotional moment for us. All of us have been fighting to seek justice for Sushant”, said Mrinal who is a close friend of Rajput’s cousin brother and Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Neeraj Kumar Singh Bablu.

Mrinal acknowledged that the public outrage over the mysterious death of Rajput has helped the family in this battle. He put that down to the goodwill Rajput earned as an actor and a public figure, which some other stars facing legal issues haven’t really enjoyed.  

“Fans have always supported him because he was a well educated man and a very good actor who wasn’t a product of nepotism,” Mrinal says, “I am sure there are other celebrities whose cases have been handled by the CBI but how many of them have actually got justice?”

There’s been plenty written, reported about, spoken on news media and social media on the case.  Mrinal hit out at those who indulged into sensationalism and tried tarnishing the image of the Rajput family.

“All the courts are working for the public. There are journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai who have targeted Sushant’s family, they fail to understand that people who seek justice don’t expect the government to see if the man is famous or not. Is being famous a criteria in the country to get justice? If Sushant’s father is correct regarding the transactions then we need a proper calculation on the table”, quipped Mrinal.

With Supreme Court clearing the deck for a CBI probe, one awaits the next line of action in the case. Rajput was found dead on 14 June in his Mumbai apartment. His father K.K. Singh had filed an FIR in Bihar on 25 July accusing Rhea Chakraborty and her family of abetting his son’s suicide. The family now thinks that the actor may have been murdered.

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