“Hrithik’s reason for hostility is still a mystery for me”, says Kangana Ranaut

While talking about Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan’s rumoured relationship in 2018, Kangana Ranaut recalls her [claimed] relationship with ‘nepo kid’ Hrithik Roshan

By Our Correspondent

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan in happier times

Early today [20 August] Kangana Ranaut had questioned Sara Ali Khan’s rumoured affection for Sushant Singh Rajput whilst shooting for Kedarnath [2018].  Ranaut had subtly hinted that perhaps stars kids are not genuine in their relationships with ‘outsiders’ like Rajput. Interestingly, a few years ago, Ranaut himself opened about about having a relationship with super star Hrithik Roshan, son of veteran actor, director and producer Rakesh Roshan. 

Ranaut reopened the famous feud claiming that her love for Hrithik was genuine.  “I believe Sara must’ve loved him he wasn’t a fool to fall for a girl whose affection isn’t genuine but she must have been under pressure,what I shared with Hrithik was genuine at that point I still have no doubts about it why suddenly he became so hostile is still a mystery to me” tweeted Ranaut. 

The Kangana-Ranaut feud has been ongoing since the last 3-4 years, when Ranaut claimed to having been in a relationship with the Super 30 [2019] actor.  All along, Hithik Roshan has vehemently denied all claims by Ranaut. Roshan’s estranged partner Sussanne Khan, too, has backed her former husband in the fight against Ranaut. 

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