What if Ganesh Hiwarkar’s source turns out to be wrong

The choreographer, who claims to have some clinching source-based information around the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, says he’s hired a legal team and discussed recourse if such a probability arises

By Anannya Srusti

Sushant Singh Rajput, Ganesh Hiwarkar (R)

Two months after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, some people are claiming that the actor didn’t commit suicide, but it was perhaps a planned murder. Choreographer Ganesh Hiwarkar, who claims to be Rajput’s close friend from the days when the actor was struggling to find a break, has made some sensational claims.  Hiwarkar has rebuked theories of Rajput being depressed and committing suicide. He claims that there is a connection between Rajput and his former manager Disha Salian’s death.

Beyond Bollywood spoke to Hiwarkar regarding the same. Excerpts.

What is your reaction to the Supreme Court’s verdict of handing over the Sushant Singh Rajput case to CBI?

It is good that the case has been transferred to the CBI. This is the first step towards our victory and we will all reach our destination of seeking justice for Sushant together. We are yet to fight a lot of upcoming battles.

When did you first meet Sushant Singh Rajput? How long have you known him?

I have known him since 2007.

When was the last time you met /and spoke to him?

The last time we spoke was in 2019.

You’ve are alleging that Rajput was perhaps murdered. All this based on the claims made by your source. What really transpired on the night of 13 June?

Some people went to his place. I will give the names to the CBI. I cannot take any names here. I have already been attacked once. Some people came to my house. I called the police but they didn’t come. I told those men that I am coming live on media after which they went away.

Who do you think these people were?

They were all masked men. I couldn’t see who they were.

 Is there a political connection to Rajput’s death?

I won’t comment on any such thing here. I will directly talk to the CBI regarding this.

When was it that your source informed of you the alleged sensational theories?

It has been a while, maybe 15-20 days ago.

You say you don’t trust Mumbai police. So now that the Supreme Court has transferred the case to CBI, do you trust the CBI?

I have full faith in the CBI. Whenever they decide to call me, I will be present there and will speak everything.

Mumbai police has issued an appeal to anyone to come forward and help into Disha Salian’s investigation and yet you don’t trust them?

How is anybody supposed to approach the police when their phones are always busy.

Salian’s father Satish Salian has expressed satisfaction over his daughter’s probe by the Mumbai police, and slammed erroneous media reports, conspiracy theories. Your reaction?

I have never met the family and hence cannot comment on that.

A lot of allegations you have made, these theories were floating on social media before you went public with the same allegations. How do you react if people say that you are just basing your allegations on the same theories that were floating before?

I will speak to the CBI.

You’ve based all your allegations on a source’ s information. What if tomorrow your source refuses to come forward, then what happens?

We will see about that when the time comes and when the CBI calls us. The CBI is going to cross examine those first who were present on the spot of [crime/suicide]. I wasn’t present on the live spot. It’s a long story as of now. We’ll see about it when we get called.

God forbid, if your source’s information turns out to be wrong, then don’t you think it will reflect poorly on you?  There’s also a possibility that you could land in legal trouble.

We will see about it then. I have hired a legal team and talked to them about it already.

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