Dear Kangana Ranaut, Aamir Khan had ridiculed the fake interview in 2016

The Panga [2020] actress, who had pulled out controversial quotes from a fake interview to slam Khan, still hasn’t removed her Tweets

By Anannya Srusti

Firebrand actress Kangana Ranaut has been facing criticism online for sharing a fake interview of actor Aamir Khan. The actress took to her Twitter handle on 17 August to post a series of tweets accusing Khan of being a religious extremist. In the fake interview shared by the Panga (2020) actress, Khan was shown to be saying that even though they (Khan and his wife Kiran Rao) never practised each other’s religion but he had made it very clear that their kids will only follow Islam.

Sharing an excerpt from the interview, Ranaut had tweeted, “Hindu + Muslim = Muslim Yeh toh kattarpanthi hai, outcome of a marriage is not just a blend of genes and cultures but even religions. Bachchon ko Allah ki ebadat bhi seekhayein aur Shri Krishn ki Bhakti bhi, yehi secularism hai na? @aamir_khan”

In another tweet the actress went on to question Khan as to when did he become so intolerant?

“@aamir_khan आप तो सबसे ज़्यादा टॉलरंट थे आप कबसे हिंदूइज़म केलिये इंटॉलरंट हो गए? हिंदू माताओं की संतानें जिनकी रागों में श्री कृशन और श्री राम का खून बह रहा है,सनातन धर्म, भारतीय शभ्यता, यहाँ की संस्कृति जिनकी धरोहर है, वो सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ इस्लाम को फ़ॉलो करेंगे, ऐसा क्यूँ? “ (You were the most tolerant, when did you become integrated for Hinduism? Children of Hindu mothers whose ragas have the blood of Sri Krishan and Sri Rama, Sanatan Dharma, Indian religion, culture here, whose heritage will follow only and only Islam, why?), tweeted Ranaut.

The interview was later proven to be completely fake.

In an interview with Rajat Sharma on India TV in 2016, Aamir Khan had spoken about reporting a fake interview, quotes of him imposing Islam on his children to the police.

In the interview with India TV, the actor can be heard saying, “Police main maine complaint isliye ki kyunki main dekh raha tha ke bahaut samay sirf ek ya do ghatna ki baat nehi hai..ek samay se main dekh raha tha ke mere khilaaf ek saazish ki ja rahi hai, logon ko bhadkaya jaa raha hai. Ek kuch ajeeb sa interview aaya tha jisme ke main keh raha hun ke main toh Musalmaan hun aur mere bachche Musalmaan hain, meri biwi (Kiran Rao) Hindu hai toh kya hua? Aisi kuch ajeeb ajeeb interview jo supposed to be maine diye hain, wo media main fail rahe the.”

(I complained to the police because I was seeing for a long time that I was being plotted against and people were being provoked against me. There was a strange interview that came up where I am speaking that I am a Muslim and so are my kids, it doesn’t matter if my wife is a Hindu. This interview which was supposed to be given by me, went viral in the media). 

He further went to say that some people got arrested by the Mumbai Police for spreading nasty rumours about him on social media. “Mumbai Police ne bahaut achcha kaam kiya. Do logon ko pakda bhi hai is silsilay main.” (Mumbai police did a good job when they arrested two people for spreading my fake interview)

Despite being proven being fake, Kangana, surprisingly, has not deleted her tweets slamming Khan. Ranaut had brought out the tweets after Khan drew criticism for meeting the first lady of Turkey Emine Erdogen in Istanbul.

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