Subramanian Swamy claims Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy was deliberately delayed

The BJP Rajya Sabha member claims that Rajput’s alleged killers got his autopsy delayed to prevent toxic in his body being traced

By Our Correspondent

Subramanian Swamy

Bharatiya Janata Party and Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy has made some sensational claims in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. The veteran politician, who often courts controversy with his Tweets, has claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy was deliberately delayed so as to prevent detection of toxic substances in his body.

“Now the diabolical mentality of the killers and their reach is being slowly revealed: autopsy was deliberately forcibly delayed so that the poisons in SSR’s stomach dissolves beyond recognition by the digestive fluids in the stomach. Time to nail those who are responsible,’ tweeted Swamy.

A day ago, Swamy had tweeted about a drug dealer named Ayash Khan -a Dubai based drug dealer – to have had allegedly met Sushant on the day he died.

“Like in Sunanda Pushkar case the real give away was what was found in her stomach during post mortem by AIIMS doctors. This was not done for Sridevi or Sushant. In Sushant case a Dubai compliant drug dealer Ayash Khan had met Sushant on the day of Sushant’s murder. Why?”, tweeted the veteran politician.

According to a report by India Today, dated 22 August, in his statement to the Mumbai police, Rajput’s housekeeper Neeraj has claimed that he had rolled some marijuana cigarettes for the actor prior to his death and kept it in a box which was found empty post the actor’s death. 

Swamy also took a dig at actress Rhea Chakraborty who is now a prime suspect in Rajput’s death alleging that her evidence is contradicting her conversation with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and that it would lead to her being arrested. 

Swamy tweeted, “If Rhea Chakravarty (Chakraborty) keeps giving evidence which contradicts her conversation with Mahesh Bhatt then CBI will have no alternative but to arrest her and subject her to custodial interrogation to get at the truth.”

Sushant was found dead at his Bandra residence on 14 June. The case is now being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

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