The KEY QUESTIONS that need to be asked to Rhea Chakraborty

While Rajdeep Sardesai of TV Today Network conducted a fairly objective interview with Chakraborty, there are still many questions that need to be asked to the main accused in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case

By Mayur Lookhar

Source: Rhea Chakraborty Instagram

Last evening [27 August], all eyes were on Aaj Tak (Hindi) and India Today Television (English) as TV Today Network Consulting Editor interviewed actor Rhea Chakraborty, the main accused in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.  This was the first time that Chakraborty gave an interview post her late boyfriend’s death on 14 June.

Amidst the loud, uncouth conduct passed off as journalism by a FEW noisy news anchors, it was refreshing to see objective journalism at the fore.  It’s for the courts, law enforcement authorities to decide on a person’s guilt, but objectivity calls for listening to all sides to an issue. Last evening, Sardesai and TV Today Network listened to the ‘Rhea Chakraborty-side-of-the-story’. There were some key questions raised to the main accused. Did she speak right or wrong, Sardesai rightly left it upon the viewers to gauge for the themselves. It’s not a media’s job to pass judgment on any individual.

Congratulations to Sardesai and TV Today Network. However, we felt that certain questions still need to be posed to Chakraborty. If Beyond Bollywood got a chance, we’d like to ask Rhea the following questions.

1 Did Rhea really threaten to make Sushant Singh Rajput’s medical reports public?

As alleged by KK Singh, [Rajput’s father], Rhea was against Sushant wanting to travel to Coorg for farming. In his FIR, Rajput Sr alleged that Rhea had threatened to make Sushant’s medical report public if he went ahead with the trip with his friend Mahesh Shetty.   

In her interview to Sardesai, Chakraborty acknowledged that Sushant wanted to shift to Coorg but she wasn’t prepared to move completely as her career still lied in Mumbai.  But Rhea wasn’t asked the all-important question of the alleged threat to make his medical report public.

2 If she was willing to oscillate between Coorg and Mumbai, then what really was the reason for the break up?

3 In her own words, Sushant asked her to go to her home as his sister Mitu was coming, but these words don’t directly imply as though Rajput wanted to break-up the relationship. If it was all about not wanting to make her sister feel uncomfortable, then did Rhea presume that Rajput broke up with him?

4 If Rajput didn’t say it in clear words of wanting to end the relationship, then why did she block his number? But she admitted to not removing Sushant in the Chakraborty WhatsApp family group. 

5  KK, Singh alleged that Rhea Chakraborty walked out from Sushant’s house and took away his laptop and medical reports with her. Did she really do that? And if yes, why?

6 As per reports, Shruti Modi is said to have told ED that she couldn’t connect with Sushant since February, 2020. Modi supposedly told ED that Rhea was handling all Sushant’s business affairs.  Was that the case?

7 Amidst the early talk of nepotism, were there any films post Chhichhore [2019] that Sushant lost due to alleged gangism? If true, did Sushant ever mention about any such grievances?

8 Was Rhea handling all banking activities of Sushant? Was she using his plastic money for a period of 11 months?

9 Rhea claimed that in his WhatsApp message to the then Bandra DCP, Rajput’s brother-in-law OP Singh had allegedly asked the DCP to arrest and beat up the Chakrabortys.  Were you called by the then Bandra DCP to the police station? Did anyone from the police threaten you? If you weren’t called by the police, then how do you know that OP Singh said such things in his texts?

10 Is it true that Sushant was using many SIM cards? Is yes, then why?

11 Reportedly, Siddharth Pithani was in possession of one such SIM. A message supposedly sent by OP Singh expressing concern of Rajput’s sister and family over his well being was sent to one such number.  The message talks about Sushant in bad company/habits. If true, did Siddharth Pithani inform you of such message? Was Sushant informed of this message?

12  Sushant often stayed in shared accommodation. Buzz has it that the Mont Blanc flat monthly rent was around Rs 4 lakh. Was Pithani paying his part of the rent?  Who was managing the living expenses of the house?

13 Reportedly, your mother Sandhya had fired some old staff in the presence of Sushant.  The actor is said to have objected to it, but your mother insisted that since her daughter stays in the house, she has the right to take the call. Did such a thing happen?

14 You say Sushant took drugs, but you never took them.  Also, the CBD Oil in coffee was suggested by one Jaya Saha as an alternate therapy. Who is this Jaya Saha? Was this CBD Oil prescribed by any doctor? Or as you said, you only coordinated with Saha for the procurement of CBD Oil. Didn’t you think of consulting any doctor before Sushant could take it himself, as you claimed?

15 You admit to knowing Gaurav Arya, who claims he only knows you socially. He has admitted that you asked for drugs from him in March 2017. That was a time when Sushant didn’t enter your life. If you don’t take drugs then why did you ask him about MDMA, Marijuana.  Were you trying to procure for someone else?

16 You say that Sushant was regularly into drugs and you tried to control his addiction but with not much luck. Don’t you think in such a scenario it would have been better that his family came me and stayed with him rather than you watching him helplessly take drugs?. Did you ever tell the family of his habits?

17 You said he took drugs regularly. How frequently? God forbid, if it was a daily affair, then are you surprised that the toxicology report didn’t reveal any presence of toxic substance. Reportedly, Rajput’s post mortem was delayed by 10 hours. Albeit for 3-4 seconds, your presence at the mortuary raised suspicion. Did you ever question why the post mortem was delayed?

18 In the interview to Rajdeep Sardesai, you have said that Mumbai police was doing a fair job. But before Bihar police got into action, you tweeted Union Minister Amit Shah requesting for a CBI probe. If you were happy with the Mumbai police, then why that Tweet? And why in the Supreme Court your lawyer was keen on Mumbai police continuing with their probe?

19 In their investigation, did you disclose about Sushant’s drug consumption to the Mumbai police?

20 Chakraborty claimed that Rajput was still paying EMIs for former girl friend Ankita Lokhande’s flat. However, on 15 August, Lokhande had submitted proofs that she was paying all expenses for the property. On what basis did Rhea make such a claim? Did Sushant tell her so?

If not us, we hope some media house poses the above pertinent questions to Chakraborty. Apart from the ED and the CBI, now the Narcotics Control Bureau has registered a case against Chakraborty to probe the drug angle.

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