Adhyayan Suman doesn’t want to revisit the dark phase, but it then raises serious question over the drug abuse allegation against Kangana Ranaut in 2016

Remarkably, the actor wants to recuse himself from Maharashtra Home Minister’s call to investigate his drug abuse allegation against Kangana Ranaut in 2016, but in another recent story, Suman spoke of seeing few actors consuming drugs at Bollywood parties

By Mayur Lookhar

Adhyayan Suman, Kangana Ranaut in Raaz: The Mystery Continues [2009]

Be careful what you say for words might comeback to bite you. Forlorn actor Adhyayan Suman had created a stir in 2016 when in an interview he had accused former girlfriend Kangana Ranaut of drug abuse, witchcraft and ill treating him. Four years later, Kangana Ranaut finds herself in trouble with Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh keen to have a probe in the drug abuse allegations against Ranaut by Suman in 2016. Ranaut has already replied to Deshmukh’s comments saying she is more than willing to cooperate in the investigation.

However, Deshmukh’s call to probe the allegations have put Adhyayan Suman in a spin. After making sensational claims in 2016, Suman now doesn’t want to reopen the dark chapter in his life.

“The time period which is being talked about all over again was the most frightening phase of my life and I do not want to to revisit it all over again. It was a very dark phase and I request everyone to not associate me with that person (Kangana Ranaut)” Suman told Mumbai Mirror.

He also wished to recuse himself from any potential probe as he doesn’t want to be caught into the political slug fest playing out over Kangana’s comments.

“I know why my name is being dragged into it but I do not want to comment. I cannot say anything and I do not event want to say a thing.” he added.

Adhyayan Suman doesn’t seem keen but Anil Deshmukh and few Shiv Sena members are citing the 2016 interview as a base to probe drug abuse allegations against Ranaut. if Maharashtra government decides to go ahead with that probe, would he be willing to cooperate or is he going to retract his comments in the 2016 interview? If he retracts then wouldn’t it lead to question marks over the authenticity of his earlier claims?

We asked the above questions to Suman, but there has been no reply from him. It’s surprising that Suman now says he doesn’t wishes to revisit that dark chapter. But then in a recent interview to Times of India, Suman spoke about seeing few actors doing drugs at high end parties. We are presuming that Ranaut isn’t among this ‘few’. Suman doesn’t want to revisit the dark chapter involving Ranaut for he seems unsure of the motto of Maharashtra government in going behind his former girl friend. But then on the other hand, he openly talks about seeing few actors taking drugs. Is Suman being selective in talking about drugs? Does he really wish to contribute in the fight against drug menace in the film industry? Poor boy appears to be caught in a catch 22 situation.

While Suman hasn’t reverted to us, a source once close to the actor had a different story to tell about the past allegations. This source had spoken to yours truly in 2016 after Suman’s interview backing Hrithik Roshan and slamming Ranaut went viral.

“All this talk of Kangana being a drug addict, doing witch craft, drinking her menstrual blood is simply bogus. In fact, all of this was created. Adhyayan was living in the shadow of Ranaut. His career was going nowhere, There was nothing to write about him, except that he was Kangana Ranaut’s boyfriend. The only way media would have written about him if there was any trouble in the relationship. So, most of the allegations he made were simply cooked up,” the source told us in 2016.

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