IMPPA condemns demolition of Kangana Ranaut’s office

IMPPA president T.P Aggarwal believes what happened is neither good for government nor Kangana Ranaut

By Our Correspondent

IMPPA president T.P Aggarwal

Often left to fight alone, Kangana Ranaut has found some support from IMPPA [Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association]. The producers’ body has condemned the part razing of Kangana Ranaut’s office by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on 9 September.

“All these things are neither good for the government nor good for Kangana Ranaut. The action taken by the Maharashtra government or BMC is absolutely wrong and should be condemned,” stated IMPPA president T.P Aggarwal.

Aggarwal went on to question the action of the BMC and felt that Kangana should have been summoned for a reply before BMC’s action.

While he was critical of the BMC, but he also pointed out that Ranaut should be wise in making any statement. The Shiv Sena was upset over Ranaut’s controversial Tweet comparing the situation in the city of Mumbai to that of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

“I feel she shouldn’t have said some things and one of them is on nepotism. I believe that nepotism is everywhere. There is not much of nepotism in the film industry. If nepotism had been prevalent in the society then Kangana would not have been such a big star,” said Aggarwal.

“She said that the entire industry is involved in drugs. If so many people take drugs in this industry, then the drug mafia in Mumbai should have their share in the film industry. As far as I believe there will be 5-7 percent of people who take drugs and they are in every field. By calling the film industry a drug addict, you are stopping the funds coming into the industry,” he added.

Talking on behalf of IMPPA, Aggarwal stated that Kangana and the Shiv Sena should have chosen their words carefully.

“I think the two parties should resolve the matter soon. If Kangana’s house is wrongly constructed,
demolish it. But why only Kangana? There are unauthorised constructions throughout Mumbai.
Break them as well. BMC should also abide by the law while doing anything,” he added.

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