Creator, producer Gunjan Kuthiala brings bold ‘Grey Stories’ but minus nudity

The US-based NRI screenwriter, filmmaker announces anthology web series that will feature some noted names from the Indian entertainment space

By Mayur Lookhar

You have never seen him kiss on the screen. But that doesn’t mean Salman Khan hasn’t done well as a romantic hero. “In real life, people make love but they never do it in public, so why should it be any different on the screen ” The super star had famously said in an interview years back while defending his decision to have never kissed on the screen in his career.

Non-Resident Indian filmmaker, producer Gunjan Kuthiala has adopted the same appraoch in her upcoming webseries Grey Stories that will explore taboo subjects, human desires, complex relationships. It will be bold in nature but sans nudity.

“Grey Stories is an anthology series which has four stories woven together with narration. They are on bold subjects conveying the message of how good people can show grey shades too in odd life circumstances,” Kuthiala said during a global virtual press conference on Thursday [29 October].

From infidelity, same sex relationship to even swinging, Kuthiala’s Grey Stories will touch upon complex human relationships, desires. The web series will feature four films based on the themes of Secrets, Void Space, Desires and Taboo.

Kuthiala stressed on the fact that how it is a myth that bold stories cannot be told without having nudity.

Gunjan Kuthiala

“I think it is a myth that our audience wants soft porn when it comes to bold subjects on digital platform. It is not necessary that for [telling] bold subjects you will have to incorporate nudity for the heck of it. You can enjoy the stories as much without it,” said Kuthiala.

While there will be no nudity, Kuthiala clarified that the web series will have some bold scenes but only where it is required, and enhancing the beauty of the scene. The entire series has been shot in the United States of America.

Kuthiala’s web series will feature a host of artistes, prominent among them is 90s actor Bhagyashree, Jugal Hansraj, popular comic artistes Kiku Sharda, Gaurav Gera, seasoned actors like Aditi Govitrikar, Javed Pathan, Sadiya Siddiqui, Hiten Tejwani, Samir Soni etc. The series will also introduce Indian audience to NRI talents like Olivia Malhotra, Kapil Arora with Kuthiala herself chipping in some some stories.

Audience will get to see Kiku Sharda in a romantic role in an unmatched couple’s story- Desires. Bhagyashree will be visible in an asexual relationship story in an extramarital relationship, Gaurav Gera will be seen in as a NRI Software Engineer, Raima Sen will be part of a bisexual story, while Sadiya Siddiqui will explore same sex relationship. More details about the web series will be revealed in due course of time.

NRILIFE Productions is yet to finalise a digital platform as they are currently in discussions with few platforms.

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