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The Bala (2019) actor says that he was offered different scripts on similar theme, he simply chose the best.

By Mayur Lookhar

bala-6696167 Ayushmann Khurrana in Bala (2019)

There’s been a tug of war between Maddock Films’ Bala and Panaroma Studios’ Ujda Chaman.  Both films tell the story of a bald man. That’s not the only controversy that Bala is mired into. Earlier, unheralded filmmaker Kamal Kant Chandra had moved court accusing lead actor Ayushmann Khurrana, Maddock Films and Jio Studios of plagiarising his script called Wig.  Bala is set to be released on 7 November. Two weeks before its release, Khurrana spoke briefly about the two controversies.

In his allegations, Chandra had made sensational claims of being duped by Khurrana.  We asked the actor about his side of the story.

“Let me tell you.  I got the same idea by six different people” Khurrana disclosed.   The Dream Girl (2019) actor merely underlined that it’s an individual’s choice as to what is best for them.

“There was one film which was called Hair is falling in 2011. Other films on receding hairline have been made but they were just not successful.  It’s my decision to go with the best director, producer and choose the best script on the same subject. It’s as simple as that,” Khurrana explained.

Apart from Chandra, director Abhishek Pathak, too, has moved the Supreme Court seeking a stay order on the release of Bala.

While praising Bala, a journalist pointed out that Abhishek Pathak’s film was perhaps being insensitive to bald people by calling it the first story of a takleya [bald man] in its first poster, as claimed by the journalist.

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Without commenting on another film, Khurrana simply expressed confidence in his own film.

“The word takla is quite derogatory. It is not celebrating self love. It (Bala) is not about just about receding hairlines or baldness but is about discovering yourself and loving yourself.  We shot our film first and we announced it first.  There is just one line which is similar otherwise it is a different film.   I have seen the south film. Our film is completely different. When you see the film you will realise it,” said Khurrana.

Udja Chaman is the remake of Kannada film Ondu Motteya Kathe (2017).

Both Ujda Chaman makers and Bala makers have been at loggerheads, with both films seeing their release dates changed to avoid each other. Does all this bother Khurrana?

“That happened with Bhagat Singh too. You should be confident about yourself. We are very confident about ourselves. It is one of the most best scripts I’ve ever read.  Anyone can come up with same idea,” said the Khurrana.

Pathak’s petition seeking stay order on Bala will come up for hearing on 4 November in Supreme Court. There’s no word yet on the status of the case with Chandra.

Apart from the film, Bala also courted controversy when pop artist Dr.Zeus had hit out at the film’s composers for using his original tracks without his permission for the remake. Maddock Films had later issued a statement saying that they legally acquired the song rights from Rouge.

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