Bhoot: The Haunted Ship trailer: Horror comes ashore for Vicky Kaushal in this Dharma Productions film – Beyond Bollywood


Is Bhumi Pednekar playing a deceased character in the film? First-time director Bhanu Pratap Singh’s horror film poses few queries through its gripping, spine-chilling trailer

By Mayur Lookhar

bhoot-1-5949910 Vicky Kaushal (L) in a scene from Bhoot: The Haunted Ship [2020]

Often known for making light-hearted, romantic, family dramas, one should be reminded that Karan Johar and his Dharma Productions had also co-produced a horror film in Kaal [2005]. While Kaal [2005] had its few thrilling moments, but it wasn’t a film that sent shivers down your spine. 15 years later, Dharma Productions is producing an out and out horror in Bhoot: The Haunted Ship. Dharma Production released the trailer of part 1 which is set to be released on 21 February.

At first one thought that Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar and co would be sailing aboard a ghost ship. However, the horror here comes ashore. Seabird, a mysterious dead ship lands ashore Mumbai’s Juhu beach. Prithvi [Kaushal] is given the task to conduct a survey on the dead ship. Well, for such a large ship, Prithvi is largely conducting the survey all on his own. There is a woman in red, [Meher Vij] who is seen briefly in the trailer. Is she also part of Prithvi’s team or is she a victim or the creepy-crawly creature herself?


Save for Vicky Kaushal and Ashutosh Rana, the other characters appear briefly in the trailer. Pednekar appears to be playing Prithvi’s partner. There is also a young daughter. Prithvi appears to be reminiscing the good times spent with his family. Now is his partner and child dead? Or has Prithvi separated from his family? Does his wife and child have some connection with the ship? May be it is not a coincidence that Prithvi has landed on this ship. Perhaps, Seabird has come looking for select victims. The visual of a trapped Prithvi calling for help perhaps suggests that in the second part this ship could set sail for some godforsaken place.

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First time director Bhanu Pratap Singh has cut a fine, crisp trailer that leaves you thinking about of plenty of things. There is more than one suspense element here. One thing is certain, this ship is definitely haunted. You do question though why would Singh choose Juhu Beach as the place for the ship to land. Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is a hotbed for locals and it’s hard to imagine this place being cordoned off. There is young couple though that breaks into the ship looking for some private moments.

It is hard to recollect a Bollywood horror film involving a haunted ship. Thus Bhoot already has a novelty factor attached to it As a genre, horror is still to be explored to its true potential in Bollywood. The trailer gives you the necessary chills and the producers would hope that Bhoot: The Haunted Ship turns a new chapter in Bollywood horror films. ‘ It’s a maiden horror film for Kaushal and Pednekar too. The fine trailer only adds to the excitement.

Watch the gripping, chilling trailer of Bhoot: The Haunted Ship [2020] below.