Bobby Deol: My dad made a film for me, but after that it was my work that has worked for me – Beyond Bollywood


Bobby Deol addresses nepotism in the film industry and the criticism that accompanies the star kids

By Anannya Srusti

bobby-deoll-aashram-1-4040348 Bobby Deol in Aashram [2020]

Bobby Deol-starrer Aashram [2020] is set to stream from 28 August.  Aashram is a maiden web series for Deol.  The nepotism, ‘insider vs outsider’ debate has blown up in the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. During the webinar held on 26 August, the Aashram [2020] actor found himself facing the all-familiar nepotism queries.

Junior Deol had a brief appearance as a child artiste in the 1977 film Dharam Veer . He got his big break in his father Dharmendra’s production Barsaat [1995] where he was launched alongside Rajesh Khanna, Dimple Kapadia’s daughter Twinkle. In a career span of 25 years, Bobby has been a part of almost 50 films but has largely struggled to make a substantial impression.

Giving his take on the insider-outsider debate, Deol enunciates, “My father is the biggest example of an outsider. He ran away from home and came to Mumbai, struggled for so many years till he got work. He never gave up because it is always going to be difficult for an outsider to come into this industry because he knows no one in this industry.”

While accepting that his father was the one who gave him work in the industry, he also pointed out that it is an individual’s own efforts that makes or breaks his/her career. Deol says, “I agree that for a child born in the family from the same profession, it’ll always be easy for the first step into his professional life. So definitely yes, my dad gave me this opportunity to become an actor. He made a film [Barsaat] for me, but after that it was my work that has worked for me. If I was not good enough, people wouldn’t have connected with me and watched my movies.”

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He also mentioned that a lot of actors who, in spite of being star kids, never made it in the industry. Deol reminded all that he, too, has experienced his share of struggle.

“I was an insider and I went through a bad phase. People stopped working with me and had kind of given up in my life. I realised that no matter how your family can be in the industry, they can’t help you to move forward,” said the Aashram [2020] actor. 

Upon being questioned on the online harassment that has led to many star kids disabling their comments on social media platforms, Bobby expressed that people voice their opinions through their comments and simply exercise their freedom of speech. 

“I think everybody has a freedom of speech and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If someone likes something, the other person might not like it. Someone might hate it, someone might love it. So comments come according to that. People have their own opinion and reasoning behind it. You’ll never always get love and you’ll never always get hatred,”Deol summed up.

Directed by filmmaker Prakash Jha, Aashram [2020] will be streaming on MX Player from 28 August.