Indian digital space gets its maiden medical comedy series in Starting Troubles – Beyond Bollywood


Conceptualized by Dr.Jagdish Chaturvedi, Starting Troubles will stream on new digital infotainment platform Hiiih


By Mayur Lookhar

India’s large middle class population is largely dependent upon on service for their livelihood. Each year, we produce lakhs of doctors, engineers, lawyers, business executives. One generally perceives these skilled professionals to be all about their work, but cinema influences people from all walks of life. Bangalore-based ENT surgeon Dr.Jagdish Chaturvedi has emerged as an inspiration for people from medical fraternity, especially those who are passionate about acting. Dr. Chaturvedi wears other hats too as he is also a stand-up comedian, author and an entrepreneur.

Chaturvedi has realized his big dream as he is set to star in India’s maiden medical comedy web series. Titled Starting Troubles, the web series is inspired by events as described in Chaturvedi’s book ‘Inventing Medical Devices’ [2016]. Chaturvedi’s other books ‘The benefits of failing successfully’ and ‘One year of stand-up comedy’ have also served as source material for Starting Troubles, that is directed by Abhinav Kamal.

The web series is a Hinglish medical comedy that highlights the struggles of a training doctor who is trying to balance his clinical and acting career. The makers have taken creative liberties and openly confessed to exaggerating the drama.

“Starting troubles is a dream come true for me. It’s surreal to see actual incidents that I have experience on screen, played by some amazing actors who do justice to the story and the characters,” said Chaturvedi.

The 6-episodic series is produced by Gunda Srinivas, Paramesh Shwarans and Peera Kaushik under the banner Ten Motion Arts Pvt Ltd and Hiiih Innovations Pvt Ltd. The web series will be streaming on a new digital platform Hiiih that is said to be backed by Chaturvedi and people from the medical fraternity.

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While digital audiences will be introduced to talents like Chaturvedi, Jui Pawar, Rajesh PL Bharat Chawla, Starting Trouble will also see seasoned actors Renuka Shahane and Kurush Deboo in pivotal roles.

Starting Troubles is set to stream on Hiiih from 16 February. Watch the trailer below.