Kangana Ranaut: Farah Ali Khan, Reema Kagti made false claim of Rangoli calling for genocide of Muslims – Beyond Bollywood


Kangana Ranaut defends her sister Rangoli, Chandel, urges government to do away with Western-owned social media platforms like Twitter.

By Mayur Lookhar

kangana-defends-6643542 Kangana Ranaut

It was only a matter of time before she spoke. And as expected, Kangana Ranaut has jumped to the defense of her sister Rangoli Chandel. A few days ago, social media giant Twitter had suspended Rangoli Chandel’s account over offensives posts. Chandel’s call for strong punishment against those assaulting medical professionals fighting Covid-19 was condemned by Sussane Khan’s sister Farah and fiilmmaker Reema Kagti. Both Khan and Kagti had deemed Chandel’s post as communally offensive and called for action against Chandel.

Defending her sister, Ranaut says, “”My sister had specifically spoken of shooting down those [miscreants] who are attacking policemen, doctors. However, Farah Ali Khan, who is Sussane Khan’s sister, and popular director Reema Kagti made a false claim of Rangoli calling for genocide of Muslims. If there is any such Tweet, then Rangoli and I will apologise.”

Chandel had called for miscreants to be shot down and didn’t mind even if people call her or the law enforcing authorities as Nazis.

Allaying any fears of sectarianism, Ranaut said, “Is every Muslim a terrorist? No, we don’t believe that. Not all Muslims are attacking doctors. policemen.”

Much like her sister, Kangana, too, accused Twitter of bias by taking action against those who speak of nationalism. The Panga [2020] actress urged the central government to contemplate on doing away with Western-owned social media platforms and in stead and have dedicated home-owned platforms.

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“Social media platforms [like Twitter, facebook) earn millions through us but they are working against us. Here [social media platforms] you can call a PM, Home Minister a terrorist. You call RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh], who is working for the benefit of people day and night, a terror outft, but you can’t call a terrorist a terrorist. Currently, the country is battling more serious issues, but these platforms need to be completely demolished and we should start our own platforms “said Ranaut.

It just wasn’t her sister, but Ranaut defended wrestler Babita Phogat, who too drew flak on Twitter for condemning the Tabhligi Jamaat, which was identified as a single source of spiraling Coronavirus cases in India. The Commonwealth Games gold medalist is now a Bhartiya Janata Party member.

“I saw a video of Babita Phogat being harassed. Whosoever speaks of nationalism, they are insulted on social media. People lose their jobs, some get killed. If anything happens to Babita Phogat today, then the patriotic voices will be silenced. She should be given security,” cautioned Ranaut.