Kanika Kapoor testing positive for Coronavirus is a reminder of how irresponsible some celebrities have been during the pandemic – Beyond Bollywood


As per reports, the singer allegedly hid about her UK travel and partied with 100 others at a 5-star hotel in Uttar Pradesh

By Mayur Lookhar

corona-1-3837331 Graphical image of the novel Coronavirus ’19

“At this stage I would like to urge you all to practice self isolation and get tested if you have the signs. I am feeling ok, like a normal flu and a mild fever, however we need to be sensible citizens at this time and think of all around us. We can get through this without panic only if we listen to the experts and our local, state and central government directives. Wishing everyone good health. Jai Hind !Take care,” , Kanika Kapoor said in a statement after testing positive for the novel Coronavirus.


It’s a very responsible statement by Kapoor who has promised full cooperation in revealing who all she came in contact with during a party in a 5 star hotel in Uttar Pradesh. Kapoor is currently admitted to King George’s Medical University (KGMU) hospital in Lucknow.

Party that’s the word triggering anger on social media.

kanika-k-4129479 Source: Kanika Kapoor Instagram

A respected broadcast journalist didn’t hesitate in calling it criminal behaviour.

“Singer #KanikaKapoor tests positive for #COVID19. She had returned from the United Kingdom on Sunday, and hidden her travel history from the authorities. Upon return, she stayed in a 5 🌟 (hotel) & attended a party with at least 100 people present. This is such criminal behaviour!”

Singer #KanikaKapoor tests positive for #COVID19 She had returned from the United Kingdom on Sunday, and hidden her travel history from the authorities Upon return, she stayed in a 5 🌟 & attended a party with at least 100 people present.

This is such criminal behaviour!

— Poulomi Saha (@PoulomiMSaha) March 20, 2020

While criminal may be a bit harsh, but there is no denying that the Baby Doll singer had been very irresponsible. And she isn’t alone here. Coronavirus has come to India because people didn’t stop travelling to countries first afflicted by the dangerous virus. The government, too, has been a little late in shutting air space for international travel. The Coronavirus first broke out on 30 December, 2019 in China, and it’s taken over two and half months for the Indian government to shut its air space.

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Europe, Italy in particular is paying the price for their lackadaisical attitude. While we are no medical experts to comment on Indian government and health officials efforts to combat the virus, but as fellow citizens, it is baffling to see why so many Indians traveled across foreign lands knowing fully when World Health Organisation had declared Coronavirus as a pandemic.

Often seen in the past, even calamitous situation is exploited by celebrities to gain publicity. Kapoor isn’t the lone celebrity to take air travel during this highly dangerous period. In their greed for page/video views, the entertainment media had been chasing travelling celebrities, asking their experience of travel or quarantine, if any. There were media personnel, too, merrily sharing their quarantine experiences. With all due respect to these journalists, but we wonder how many of them dared to ask celebrities if they were irresponsible by travelling overseas in this crisis hour?

Sonam Kapoor now oscillates between London and India as her businessman husband Anand Ahuja is based in the United Kingdom, which till date has seen over 3200 positive cases of Coronavirus. Sonam had recently arrived in India with her family, where she happily shared her experience of the situation at hand in UK. We haven’t heard anything whether the family was asked to quarantine themselves, but we presume that the family will follow the health guidelines for people who are coming to India from the afflicted countries.

A few days ago, one was astounded when team Malang [2020] held a success party in Mumbai. Whether it is a genuine success, that is another issue, but it was baffling to see why would the producers throw such a party when social distancing is the need of the hour. Remarkably, in stead of questioning the producers, cast whether it was wise to have such a gathering, the media went gaga over reporting Anil Kapoor’s INR 6000 red mask.

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anil-kapoor-red-1-5282191 Anil Kpaoor at the success bash of Malang [2020]

The biggest stars have largely been responsible and confined themselves to their homes/private spaces, but often it is the little known actors who tend to seek publicity in such a scenario. Your reviewer was alarmed when in a PR Whats App group, a publicist posted a picture of a celebrity couple at an airport with the text that read, “X and Y are looking cute even with their masks.” Did this couple planned this travel to seek such publicity? Are they even aware of the bizarre text that was posted by their publicist?

How insensitive can one be. Among this couple, is a person whose sibling had reopened a harassment case against a veteran actor. Without sounding, too rude, perhaps the couple should be reminded that most people won’t bother about them when they walk freely without masks.

There was another TV actor, best known for playing an innocent character in a cult comedy serial from 2004. The actor happily shared that s/he and its family had recently travelled to Finland. None of them tested positive but s/he vowed to cooperate in following the health safety guidelines. Finland has so far seen 400 cases, with only ten patients making recovery, while the rest are still under treatment. Travel companies, airlines have been slashing international fares. Did that tempt the actor to travel to Finland. S/he may have dodged the bullet, but it is another example of irresponsible behaviour.

Earlier, despite the government requesting citizens to avoid celebrating the festival of Holi, many citizens still didn’t adhere to the health advisory. Ignorance is perhaps expected of ordinary citizens, but many thought that Bollywood, TV actors would largely stay away from the Holi celebrations. While the annual Holi parties, held by noted stars didn’ t happen, social media was flooded with images of many actors celebrating perhaps in their nearby vicinity.

One was alarmed though when a super rich family decided to throw a Holi bash, that was attended by quite a few stars. The family, stars were trolled on social media, but nobody cared.

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Another surprise was the press show of a social comedy that released on 13 March. While sadly the film’s box office fate was sealed before its release, it was a little baffling that the producers took a risk by having a press show. The order on suspending theatrical screenings hadn’t come into being, but one was surprised by the press screening. The more bizarre thing here was that the film largely got negative reviews, and so it begged the question, was there any need to risk lives by having a press show for such a film?

We are not singling out the entertainment industry. Many citizens have been guilty of risking the lives of their dear ones and people around them by needless travels. The worst offender here is a West Bengal bureaucrat, who misused her authority, letting her Coronsvirus afflicted foreign returned son move with impunity and refusing to follow the health course.

With confirmed positive cases now crossing over 200 in India, and now with one of their own testing positive for the Coronavirus, we hope that celebrities, and everyone show more maturity and strictly follow the value of social distancing.

While some celebrities have been irresponsible, many superstars have spread the right message in the pandemic situation. Kartik Aaryan is being lauded for his monologue video urging all to take social distancing seriously.

Then there was Ayushmann Khurrana who urged people to use this qualitative time to read books, watch movies and just being with the family.

Veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan was among those who got a ‘home quarantined’ stamp. The actor had urged all to be cautious.

There were host of others who passed on the right health safety messages, Clearly, the celebrated names have spread the right message. We hope others follow suit and observe social distancing. So, for a few days, no more work, no more socializing and definitely no more travel. We hope Kanika Kapoor and over 200 thousands patients (globally) make a full recovery.