Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Archana Purana Singh on bringing relatability, cultural connect to The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Beyond Bollywood


The trio from the The Kapil Sharma show have voiced for the three leading characters in the dubbed Hindi version of the American film

By Mayur Lookhar

img_20190819_144406-1-9929628 Vivek Krishnani (second left), Kapil Sharma (c), Archana Puran Singh and Kiku Sharda

Animated films from Hollywood have always found a flavour with the Indian audiences.  Leading stars like Shah Rukh Khan have lent their voices for the dubbed Hindi versions of marquee animated films like The Incredibles franchise and most recently The Lion King {2019].

Come 23 August, Indians fans will welcome The Angry Birds Movie 2 [2019].  Apart from the original language [English], producer-distributor Sony Pictures are releasing the dubbed version in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in India. For the Hindi version, Sony Pictures have roped in Kapil Sharma, Kiku Sharda and Archana Puran Singh to dub for three of the leading characters of the film – Red, Leonard and Zeta (new character], respectively.

The trio of Sharma, Sharda and Singh are also the leading faces of The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony Entertainment Television – the premier Hindi General Entertainment Channel of Sony Pictures Networks India. As seen from the Hindi trailer, Sharma and particularly Sharda seem to speaking in a tone that’s heavily influenced from their conduct/characters in The Kapil Sharma.   

Is it a challenge to ensure that the character, the voice should come out as Red, Zeta and Leonard and not like the characters that we’ve see them play in The Kapil Sharma show?

“When we do the Hindi version, there ought to be relatability. As in the TV show, Kappu Sharma and Baccha Yadav [Sharda] have a little nok jhok [bickering] between then, If the same nok jhok is translated into these characters, that leads to a relatability  [between the characters on the TV show and the film]. It made sense to me and probably everyone around also.  That’s the reason why I did the entire thing in the voice of Baccha Yadav.   We tried a few things and finally everyone felt that the character would come out good in Bhojpuri tone,” said Sharda.

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 “The one moment I saw the character, I instinctively thought of expressing. in this way,” said Archana Purana Singh. The seasoned actress admitted to giving a little Punjabi tone to Zeta, but the character is not Punjabi.  “North Indian humour is catchy. I used my instinct to do it. We’ve taken to a cultural adaptation,” stated Singh.

Singh confessed that historically she’s not very comfortable with dubbing, but The Angry Birds Movie 2 was special. ‘I think I’ve been banned from dubbing studios but I had had great fun dubbing for Angry Birds. The fun lies in that you are recreating something all over again.  We’ve given a new life to these characters in Hindi version,” said the Kal Ho Naa Ho [2003].

Meanwhile, Kapil Shama underlined that improvisation is important but one can never change the meaning of the scene. “Look, if two birds are fighting in a scene, then we can improvise, but it should never go out of sync with the story. Our (sound) recordists work down to the finest detail. Lip syncing is very important.  If we went a little out [of sync], then they would immediately point it out. We’ve improvised only in scenes where it was possible,” said Sharma.

Archana Puran Singh summed up their challenge in these words,  sentence “Our challenge was to not only match the brilliance of the original voices ,but we have to make it one notch higher to reach the Hindi speaking audience to and to adapt it to our culture. There cannot be any alienation.”

Vivek Krishnani, Managing Director, Sony Pictures India, underlined the essence of dubbed version in popularising American animation films in India,

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“What we’ve observed in the many years is that the growth [in animation genre] is often achieved through dubbing.  Dubbing helps in having a strong connect with the audience. People want to see the film in their language.  The [dubbed] Hindi version trailer had fetched 12 millions views that’s more than the original English trailer.  Dubbing also helps in the box office collection.  It is a good way to connect to the audience and take the film down to the tier 2, tier 3 cities, where people prefer to watch in their language,” said Krishnani.

Among the trio, the film is really special for Kiku Sharda, as he got the chance to voice for a character, film that’s perhaps is loved by his children.  Sharda has two young boys.

Sharing his joy, Sharda said, “ When I told my kids that I am doing this, they were extremely excited. They’ve played the game [Angry Birds] and then they have seen the film. Now a part two is coming with their father giving voice to a character, they were very kicked. Probably, I was more kicked with the idea because my kids are very happy”

 Sharda adds, “My children watch the English version, but now my son and his friends are extremely excited about watching the Hindi version. He has been planning to see the films with his friends. It’s a great feeling because when my kids are also associated with some work that I am doing, obviously I enjoy it more.”

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is set to be released on 23 August. Watch the trailer below.

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