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Director, producer Vinod Poojary’s maiden directorial starring Prabhu Mundkur is now available on one of India’s biggest OTT networks

By Our Correspondent


With theatres shut, the Over-The-Top platforms have become the prime source of entertainment for cinephiles.  The OTT networks have also proved to be an able platform for independent cinema which doesn’t quite get its due from the theatrical market.

Debutante director, producer Vinod Poojary is thrilled to have his maiden film Maya Kannadi [2020] stream on MX Player – one of India’s most popular OTT networks.  Maya Kannadi began streaming on MX Player from 6 May, 2021. The Kannada film had a limited theatrical release last year, but it will hope to reach out to a more global audience with its OTT release. 

“We are delighted to have MX Player as our digital streaming partner. With a global subscriber base of over 280 million, MX Player is India’s biggest OTT network. We are hoping that our film reaches out not just to the Kannada speaking population, but also appeals to pan India and global audiences. Our refreshing plot, promising cast and a strong message against a social ill will help it resonate with desi and global audiences” Poojary told Beyond Bollywood.

Lead actor Prabhu Mundkur says, “Maya Kannadi talks about the virtual world, and there is some social message in it too. I think most of the OTT platforms look out for such content.  I am happy that MX Player has considered this [worthy] to be part of their platform.  Today there is no language barrier for any film. Once it is on OTT, the world sees it.  There are pros and cons of the virtual world.  What we have in the film, I reckon many have experienced that in their life.”

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“Maya Kannadi is a very special film for me. Though a mystery, thriller but through its subtext, our film takes a strong stance against a social ill, a stereotype that has plagued us for ages. I hope this stance will strike a chord with Indian and global audiences,” said actor Anvitha Sagar.

Set in Mangalore, Maya Kannadi is a coming-of-age campus thriller that loosely taps into a 2016 controversial global social network phenomenon.  The prime plot surrounds the investigation into a spate of mysterious deaths in the college.  The leading cast includes rising gen-next actor Prabhu Mundkur, Anvitha Sagar, Kaajal kunder, Anoop Sagar, Deeksha Coutinho, and seasoned actor K.S. Sridhar.


Despite its limited theatrical release, Maya Kannadi [2020] won praise in certain quarters.  Popular social media portal RVCJ, com, that has over 14 million followers, had named Maya Kannadi [2020] as one of the amazing contents to have come from the Karnataka film industry, popularly known as Sandalwood, in 2020.

Maya Kannadi is co-produced by Poojary’s Siforia Pictures.  Poojary had migrated to the United Arab Emirates many years ago. What is remarkable is that he conceptualised, produced and directed this film without quitting his job in the UAE.

Click the link below to watch Maya Kannadi [2020] on MX Player.  The link includes English subtitle.

Watch the trailer below.