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“Nobody gave me job because they felt some kind of negativity owing to my personal relationship’, says Adhyayan Suman – Beyond Bollywood

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The struggling actor, who is set to make an appearance in Prakash Jha’s debut web series Aashram [2020], is of the view that he didn’t get too much work because of the troubled relationship he once shared with Kangana Ranaut

By Anannya Srusti

ak-5314734 Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut in Raaz: The Mystery Continues [2009]

Filmmaker Prakash Jha jumps onto the OTT bandwagon with the crime drama Aashram [2020]. Forlorn actor Adhyayan Suman will also be seen in Jha’s maiden web series. Suman, who had made his debut with Haal-e-Dil [2008],  returns to limelight after a long time. He plays a character named Tinka Singh in Aashram. 

During a webinar today [26 August], Suman spoke about not getting work due to reasons other than merit. In the years gone by, the actor made more news for his troubled relationship with his Raaz: The Mystery Continues  (2009) co-actor Kangana Ranaut.  

Asked about his limited appearance in films lately, Suman said, “Of course the lack of good roles, good scripts, good directors, in my career kept me away. I started off on a very decent note with Raaz 2 (2009) which was a very successful film and was granted a critically acclaimed film called ‘Jashnn (2009)’ and then I got ‘Heartless’ (2014). I did a couple of films that went unnoticed. Then I quickly realised that unless and until you are a successful star in this industry, people usually don’t want to associate [with you] or don’t want to give you roles.”

Suman opened up on going through a depressive phase. However, more than any lack of work or any prowess, Suman pinned the blame for the tough phase on the tumultuous relationship he shared with an actress [Kangana Ranaut].  

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 “Slipping into depression was not just because of my career, it was due to my personal life as well.  I got a lot of negativity not because of my work but because of my personal relationship and it was very difficult for me to side with that.” said Suman.

“I was coming out from a place where people weren’t giving me work. I did so many auditions and look tests and even though they liked it, they didn’t give me the job because they felt some kind of negativity with my personal relationship and stuff like that,” revealed the actor. 

Around 2017, when Kangana Ranaut was involved in a personal battle with Hrithik Roshan, Suman had come out in support of the latter and had levied some sensational allegations of black magic being done by Kangana on him.  Ranaut had simply dismissed Suman’s theories as poor PR. 

Aashram [2020]  is set to be released on MX Player on 28 August, 2020. 

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