Super 30 trailer: Hrithik Roshan looks unstoppable as Anand Kumar in Super 30 – Beyond Bollywood


Vikas Bahl’s social drama is based on the life of Super 30 co-founder Anand Kumar

By Mayur Lookhar


It’s a film that’s taken a while but many delays and few controversies later, Vikas Bahl’s Super 30 is finally set to be released on 12 July.  Reliance Entertainment released the trailer and it’s one that passes the early test.   Aftere questions were raised over the credibility of mathematician Anand Kumar, there were murmurs that may be the director Bahl and producers Sajid Nadiadwala, Reliance Entertainment might use a different character name, but that is far from the truth. Hunk Hrithik Roshan is indeed playing the role of the acclaimed,  and controversial [too] Anand Kumar.

One must recall that Kumar had co-founded Super 30 with former cop Abhayanand. The duo had a fallout which then led to Kumar then going solo.

The trailer begins with a rightful reminder that for a third world country, India still has produced great business leaders who are running some premier multinational companies. The story of Bahl’s Kumar only begins when he separates from his business partner [played by Aditya Srivastava], and starts his own coaching class for underprivileged students, most of whom come from poor sections of the society.  Kumar dumps Excellence coaching centre and starts his Super 30 program.  Srivastava’s characters appears to be based on Abhayanand.

Kumar, who himself comes from a backward caste, achieved fame for helping poor kids prepare for the entrance exams to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology.  And that too free of charge. As revealed in the teaser earlier, the soul of Super 30 lies in the belief that in a new India, the future of the poor will not be determined by their caste, and similarly, a king’s son [used metaphorically for the upper castes Indians] is not guaranteed that he too will become a king. 

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The caste based reservation system is a different matter, but one must not take credit away from Kumar and his social work.

Hrithik Roshan appears to have the skin and the tone of a Bihari.  It’s a first such role for Roshan. In fact, never before have we seen the actor speak in a particular accent, dialect.  The make-up artist sure has done his/her bit to get Roshan sport the tanned look. Its too early to judge Roshan, but this has the potential to be a career defining role for Roshan. As the song in the background says, Kumar and his students are unstoppable.  Roshan just doesn’t want his student to get admission to IITs but he wants them to conquer the world.

Pankaj Tripathi is said to be having a small but a pivotal role. We just see a fleeting footage of him but one couldn’t really spot Mrunal Thakur, who is said to be paired opposite Roshan.

The film is though based on the life of Kumar and his Super 30 program.  As the film’s tagline says, not all super heroes wear capes.  Roshan could better the heroics of Krish as the mathematician Anand Kumar in  Super 30.

Watch the trailer here.  Super 30 is set to be released on 12 July.