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Bachchan had once asked the south superstar to exercise regularly, keep working, and not enter politics, but the Darbar [2020] actor couldn’t stop from entering politics

By Mayur Lookhar

rajinikanth-darbar-pc-6313811 Suniel Shetty, Rajinikanth (c) , A.R Murugadoss

There are superstars but very few achieve demi god status in India.  South superstar Rajinikanth and Hindi cinema legend Amitabh Bachchan are probably the two most idolised actors in the country. They have tremendous respect for each other. Rajinikanth has said it countless times that Amitabh Bachchan is his inspiration. He reiterated that at the trailer launch of Darbar [2020] in Mumbai on Monday, 16 December.

 The two stalwarts have collaborated on a few films, most notably Giraftaar [1985], Hum [1991].   Rajinikanth was asked to share some interesting story from his time spent with Bachchan. The reticent superstar recalled a time when the Bollywood actor offered him three pieces of advice for life.

“There are many moments. Once in Chennai, he told me that after [age] 60, you should do three things [diligently]. First, do exercise regularly, don’t miss it. Second, be busy. Do whatever you want, don’t bother what people say. Third one, don’t enter politics. I followed two things but the third thing, I couldn’t follow because of the circumstances.”

In 2017, Rajinikanth had declared that he is entering politics and will contest the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections.  

A man of few words, Rajinikanth kept his answers short. During the presser, he was asked if there is one role he’d like to play, the superstar didn’t hesitate in saying that it would be that of a transgender. The actor was quick to remind that this wasn’t any premeditated, but just a random thought.  

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For all his great accomplishments, it is his humility that wins the hearts of all.  South Indian cinema is unique for its popular artistes carry the tag of super star, mega star.  The Darbar actor was asked what was his reaction when he saw the word ‘super star Rajinikanth’ in a film opening credit for the first time.

“This was perhaps in 1980. I saw super star to my name. I asked the producer what is this?  Honestly, I felt embarrassed,” said the superstar.

Rajinikanth recently celebrated his 69 birthday on 12 December.  Though 69. the actor continues to play young protagonists in his films, often aided by fine prosthetic.  But the actor has also kept himself in good shape. So what’s the secret behind this energy that he is able to do action films even now? a scribe asked.

“To tell you the truth, It is the money, “ Rajinikanth said amusingly.  He continues, “I have to justify the money I get, and that is huge. No, actually [its] passion. We should love the work we do. I love acting. I love coming in front of the camera.”

Produced by Lyca Productions and distributed by Reliance Entertainment, Darbar is set to be released on 10 January. The AR Murugadoss-directed Tamil film will have dubbed versions in Hindi and Telugu.