Video of Rhea Chakraborty talking of manipulation, referring to herself as a female don goes viral – Beyond Bollywood


While one doesn’t know in what context was the actor speaking in such a trashy tone, but this video and the timing of it surfacing, perhaps raises questions over her personality

By Mayur Lookhar

rhea-new-video-8601054 Screenshot of Rhea Chakraborty’s controversial video

It’s important to be impartial and non-judgmental in any case. Actor Rhea Chakraborty and her family have been accused by late Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K.K Singh of driving his son to suicide. Chakraborty has been absconding from the time Bihar police has landed in Mumbai. A video of Chakraborty has emerged wherein the actor is speaking in a trashy tone, referring to herself as ‘tai’ [female don in underworld lingo] and talking about extortion.

The video was shared by one Awesome TV on their facebook page.

In the video, Chakraborty appears to be in jovial mood and speaking in a tapori (rowdy Mumbai Hindi lingo) tone.

Chakraborty is seen and heard talking about a incident with her brother Showik, who suspected her of spiking their parents drinks. Chakraborty vehemently denied it, The conversation gets interesting when Chakraborty compares herself to a tai – that is akin to a female don in underworld parlance].

Apun tai hain. Apun ko pata hain yeh chhota ladka/goonda log ko kaise manipulate karna han. Aisa apun ka boyfriend bhi goonda hain. Goondey ke maafik samajtha hain apne aap ko. Usko pata nahi apun tai hain. Tai log ka kya hain, apun log ka class thoda alag hain. Yeh sab goodna log sab goondagardi karta hain, apun log goonda log se gundagardi karate hain – ki idhar aa chukrey. Tu aaj kal kya kar raha hain?. Tu ek kaam kar. Jaake woh gully mein ek producer rehta hain, ussey hafta maange ke la. Bas! cut out. Usko lagta hain apun bada don hain, don nahi . Don toh apun ke upar hain, Apun toh bata bhi nahi sakta. Yeh sab record vecord mat kar.

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(I am a tai (female don). I know how to manipulate young boys/ goons. My boyfriend, too, is a goon. Or he thinks of himself as one. However, he doesn’t know that I’m a tai. We (tais) have a different class. The goons do goondaism, but we are the ones who get them to do it – like hey boy, come here. What are you doing? Go to that lane and extort money from that producer. The guy thinks I’m a big a don, but no I’m no don, don is above us. I can’t even tell. Hey, hope you are not recording this),

One doesn’t know the occasion or the context in which Chakraborty said such things. Was it just some banter here? Or does she really operate under the command of some don? It would be premature to comment or judge her based on this video. However, the tone and words used here are unlikely to win her any sympathy and people are likely to raise questions over general demeanor and conduct.

DISCLAIMER: Beyond Bollywood doesn’t ratify or vouch for the authenticity of the video below.