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The adorable child artiste named his Panga [2020] cast and crew after popular Avengers characters

By Mayur Lookhar

kangana-yagya-7218641 Kangana Ranaut with Yagya Bhasin (R)

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s Panga [2020] has received a huge thumbs up from the critics. The family sports drama has been appreciated for its fine, inspiring story and the performances of its cast.  Panga has released in theaters today. We all know the prowess of Kangana Ranaut, Richa Chadha, Neena Gupta, but Panga also introduced Hindi film audiences to the precocious talent of Yagya Bhasin.  The 10-year-old played Adi Sachdeva, the 7-year-old son of Jaya Nigam [Ranaut] and Prashant Sachdeva [Jassie Gill].

Bhasin was the toast of the evening charming the press with his innocence and confident display.  He was like a firecracker in the film, but Bhasin was a little shy when he spoke to us. Understandably, he’s just a kid who perhaps doesn’t even realises the magnitude of his performance.  He’s touched by the appreciation coming his way.

“It feels very good. I am very proud to have such, supporting parents,” Bhasin told BeyondBollywood. 

Given the positive reviews, young Bhasin is bound to be flanked by friends in school and nearby.   He tells us that his friends will see the film over the weekend.  Does he feel like a star at school? 

“No, that’s because at school I’m just a student,’ he says modestly.

yagya-1-1485442 Yagya Bhasin in Panga [2020]

Kangana Ranaut is a strong, outspoken personality. Bhasin though displayed supreme confidence while sharing the screen space with her, never flinching even for a moment.  He admits to being nervous but never once was he scared to act with Ranaut.

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Where does he got this supreme confidence from? What is the secret of his energy?

“It Is god gifted,” says the 10-year-old.  It’s a maiden film but Bhasin has faced the camera before featuring in TV commercials and TV shows like Mere Sai, CID, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

“I come from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. I did take part in school plays, but I’d never faced the camera before.  I watched lot of films, and one day, I told my father that one day I’d like to act in films. I gave about 500 auditions before I got my first TV serial,” added Bhasin.

There’s a remarkable story as to how Bhasin’s parents left their profession to help their son achieve his dreams.

“I worked as a Section Officer in Uttarakhand High Court in Nainital . I had a well-paid government job. For about three years, many people told us that this boy has some extraordinary talent.   My wife and I, too, felt the same. In June 2017, I left my job and we came to Mumbai. My wife, too, shut her saloon. Overnight, she sold off stuff worth Rs10 lakh for Rs1 lakh. We didn’t look at the losses.  We only thought of fulfilling our son’s dream,” said Yagya’s father Deepak.

The former government employee harboured celluloid dreams in his teenage years, but parental pressure led him to take the usual government services.

The sacrifice of Yagya’s parents draws parallel with the film where Prashant and Adi urge their mother to travel to Kolkata to revive her career.   He’s too small to understand but there’s a learning for him too. Is the little boy now more obedient and more kind to his parents? “I’m mostly good to them, but some time I am mischievous,” says the innocent and humble soul.

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The little boy couldn’t really recall fond memories while working with established names like Ranaut, Richa Chadha. The Avengers fans though had his playful moment. He named few members from the cast and crew after the popular Avengers characters.

“I gave Kangana ma’am the name of Mantis, The Guardians of the Galaxy character, Jassie sir is Hawkeye. Ashwiny ma’am is the Elastigirl from The Incredibles franchise,” said Yagya.


And which Avengers character would he liked to be called?

“Captain America. I have a Hamley’s toy of Captain America. I have a costume too and soon I am going to buy the Captain America shield,” he says merrily.

He didn’t hesitate in speaking long dialogues, but naturally, the boy mostly spoke in few words in this conversation.  Ask him has he signed another film after Panga, and pat comes the reply, “Sorry sir, but that is confidential. I am not allowed to disclose that,”. The boy is quickly learning the tricks of the trade.  

We wish little Yagya plenty of success, more Avengers toys and who knows, one day, we might see him as a super hero too.